Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • Can't say what is this?

    अबे ओ पप्पू-बहना-और माता-का कहना है रे तोहार इस बारे में

    Dear young Indians... chance of a lifetime to change the political landscape of India. Make a wise choice.

    Separated at birth ?? - 1

    Rahul Gandhi's promise to voters all over India if they cast their vote for Congress >> Babaji Ka Tullu

  • Priyanka Vadras Father-in-Law , Brother-in-Law, Sister -in-Law died in mysterious conditions

    Karsevak India: Investigate all Mysterious deaths in Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra families .

    Pappu has promised a Bridge from Jhansi to NewYork Look at the infra of Amethi & then decide True or False

    Political Parties and Democracy in India!!: Unrelenting Social Media makes it's mark and presence felt Screen shots for April 2014


    Facts about Robert Vadra, Priyanka Gandhi's Husband | India | Regional

    Swamy files complaint against Priyanka for illegally holding 3 DIN

    Mrs Vadra is in trouble and she knows it | Niti Central

    Priyanka Vadra is Illegally holding 3 DIN but uttering rubbish against

    Nafisa Ali' husband is Sonia Gandhi's agent & Weapon dalaal

    1) Sonias Agents: Agent # 6 : Nafisa Ali

    2) Sonias Agents: Agent # 7 : N K Singh

    Land given to Sharad Pawar under Bombay HC scanner (Half of Mumbai must be with corrupt NCP! )
    Land given to Sharad Pawar under Bombay high court scanner - The Times of India

    The Great Thorium Robbery: How UPA compromised our energy security


    Congress-NCP infighting in Maharashtra will only help BJP-Shiv Sena


    Duplicate name in the voter list of Karnataka


  • Zero Sibal will be the biggest fish in this Hawala net> Vote 4 BJP tomorrow to send him to jail.

    10JP industry of hawala running since a decade

  • Dear voters Shinde insulted 80 cr Indians through out his tenure

    Issued by JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI HIND in Maharashtra. WHERE IS SECULAR MEDIA ??

    Dear voters ,let there be real democracy & elected Prime Minister..India doesn't need an accidental PM of Congress

  • UPA Govt Super Specialist in Scams. Vote for Revenge ,

    UPA's lost decade: How scams and policy paralysis crippled the country's economy

    100 scams of UPA & yet shamelessly asking for votes

    BEFORE U Vote Remember the scams of Congress led UPA

    BJP released ‘chargesheet’ listing 16 Cong ‘scams’

  • Bharat Nirman of Congress led UPA during the last !o years. Vote for revenge

    UPA ministers & leaders who are involved in SCAMS (Charged/named) Vote for revenge

    किसी भी बटन को दबाने से Congress को ही वोट हो रही >EVM scam ??

    Alert this has happened in Pune!


  • Finally CONgress got one achievement. Increase in export of black money is 12 times to 2002.

    Last weapon. Not gonna work though. Will Priyanka's Indira Gandhi avatar bring her into politics?

    BEFORE U Vote Remember>>Goondaraj of SP MLA on Doctors,:112 riots,atrocities on citizens,women,IAS officers

  • पिछले 60Y से देश को लूटने वाला गांधी-नेहरू परिवार 12Y में गुजरात को स्वर्ग बनाने वाले मोदी पर कीचड़ उछाल रहा है

    Reason No 16

    Reason No 106

    Reason No 107

    Reason No 108

  • Reason No 105

    BOOZE could fought election if Spouse details not Mandatory in EC form.

    Like a good little boy act |

    Dear Bangalore Your Vote to Nandan Nilekani will be added to Pappu's tally So vote wisely

    Freedom from gutter politics ofInc india

  • SUCH A SHAME!! Defective Pune EVM 'transfers' all votes to Congress

    Defective Pune EVM 'transfers' all votes to Congress - The Times of India

    Defective EVMs `transfer` all votes to Congress in Maharashtra

    चारा चोर लालू की गुण्डी बेटी मीसा भारती ने तोड़ी #EVM मशीन??

    Mrs Vadra is in trouble and she knows it | writes Sandhya Jain
    Mrs Vadra is in trouble and knows it | Niti Central

    Sonia withdrew and transferred $10 billion from Vatican Bank a/c after new Pope declared that account owners :Swamy

    Politics n business - normal discourse of Pseudo Gandhi family

    Congress ruled states lead in crime against women
    LIVE: Congress ruled states lead in crime against women, says Modi at Chandrapur rally

    'Sonia has no guts even to advice Congress-ruled states' over safety of Dalits
    'Sonia has no guts even to advice Congress-ruled states' - Hindustan Times

  • Is this Interview done during his massive rally ??

    ग्वालियर-चम्बल क्षेत्र के कांग्रसियों की राजनीति का सार बयां करता ये चित्र

    Nanda Nilekani's neighbour Dr Devi Shetty supports Modi >>Ab ki Bar Modi Sarkar

    RTI Que: Who recommended 'BHARAT RATANA' for then PM,Indira & Nehru? Ans :Themselves !

    Barsati Mendak .. (Seasonally appearing Frog)

  • HOW Rahul Gandhi used IAF chopper for political Rally in KANPUR?

    भारत वासियो की खून -पसीने की कमाई खर्च करने पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट एतराज जता चुकी है

    The business interests of Sushilkumar Shinde

    The business interests of Sushilkumar Shinde - Livemint

    The business interests of Priya Dutt - Livemint

    The business interests of Priya Dutt - Livemint

    Tweet Of Jehangir pocha Says a Lots If UPA Defeats?
  • Exposed: Modi's Varanasi rival Ajay Rai bought AK-47 rifles from Shahbuddin


    Exposed: Modi's Varanasi rival Ajay Rai bought AK-47 rifles from Shahbuddin - YouTube

    Criminal Congress Candidate against Narendra Modi in Varanasi -Ajai Rai Watch Video=>


    Copy of ajay rai arrest 03.wmv - YouTube

    मोदी को वाराणसी से हराने के लिए कांग्रेस नेता ने मंदिर में चढ़ाई शराब

    BREAKING NEWS Reality of Ajay Rai congress candidate against Narendra modi bought AK 47 assault rifle

    Congress candidate from Varanasi Ajay Rai named with Dawood,Mukhtar Ansari and many other criminals and terrorists

    ExDGP DP Ojha reveals details of Inc india candidate Ajay Rai .Related to Dawood, Mukhtar An sari

    Meet Congress varanasi candidate Ajay Rai with tainted record, Involved in many criminal cases


  • Shame

    .नेटवर्क में अजय राय भी शामिल थे जिस नेटवर्क का सीधे संबंध दाउद इब्राहीम से था। 3/4 via

  • Abcd

    पप्पू भ्रष्टाचार मिटाने की बात कर रहे हैं शायद ही कोई भाई ऐसा होगा जो अपनी बहन का सुहाग मिटाने की बात करे

    The new Pappu baba song

    Status of UPA after 5th phase of polling ROFL