Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • If can report Ramdev's whispering,can't they report Chidambaram's son bribing voters with this?

    तो Shahzaade Train द्वारा,, Bundelkhand को Direct AMERICA से जोड़ेंगे ??

    He was a busy pm ;-))

    Will EC take any action on such threats to voters by NCP leader ?



    Ajit Pawar Warning villagers to vote or will disconnect water : Dhamki from Ajit - YouTube

    Dhoka: Ajit Pawar threatens to cut off water supply if villagers dont vote cousin Supriya Sule

    Modi Bharosa : BHAROSA/DHOKA

    Breaking News: EC issues notice to Ajit Pawar for shocking threat

    Ajit pawar is putting tough competition in front of digvijaya

    Disgusting politician !

    This was the SM offer to Ajit Pawar, when he had made atrocious statement earlier

  • The best front page headline after elections 2014 in Karnataka. DNA. Sums up everything about my city :)

    Priyanka Vadra is bcoming famous..Mr.Vadra in news in US..LOL! RT

    Disappointed in Timesof india for giving this pg12 coverage when it should be headlines!

  • Hello EC of India :) R u sleeping? WAKE UP,see sum sickulars r spreading luv on d name religion

  • And they said power is poison! Dynasty Politics of Gandhi Parivar >

    Why Congress is also anti national ?

    Rajiv Gandhi told me to use arms deal payoffs for party funds: Ex-CBI chief


  • The mystery man buying land on behalf of Robert Vadra,Priyanka & Rahul Gandhi:

    The Mystery Man who Buys Land for the Gandhi Family - India Real Time - WSJ

    66 सालकी सत्ताके बाद काँग्रेसने गरीबोंके लिए कितना कुछ किया-देख लीजिये

    Gandhi family is doing great service to nation by Bharatiyata. Always in news exactly like Kejriwal for wrong reasons

    Rahul G keeps lying abt Gujarat,but foundation headed by his mother finds Gujarat No.1 state

    Idiot Pappu forgets it was Congress CM who had given the land at the cheapest price to Adani ( Rs1.5/sqm)

  • Only one man from Cong fold shows integrity & respects Indian institutions.

    Pranab Mukherjee praises CAG, EC’s impartiality, independent decisionmaking | The Indian Express

    President Pranab Mukerjee & no. 13

    Rahul Gandhi talks in every rally "Humne Lokpal bill Diya",but does not say after how many years ?

    ROFL .Best place for a couple for privacy is Rahul Gandhi Rally.

    Faulty EVMs 'transfer' Vote to congress (Congress Ka Gubbara Futt Gya ! Last time Bhi Ese he Jeete The)
  • गांधी परिवार की लूट है लूट सके तो लूट अंत काल पछताओगे जब सत्ता जाएगी छूट

    Toffee Model posing... ROFL

    UPA government in 10 years has achieved

    Instead of Geelani comment should we not talk about what Congress has been doing for the past 10 years ?
  • Aaj Ke Sholay Veeru Asking VOTE from Mausi for Rahul Gandhi


    Aaj Ke Sholay (Parody) Veeru Asking VOTE from Mausi - YouTube
  • Sonia can get gold medal for graft: Nitin Gadkari
    Sonia can get gold medal for graft: Nitin Gadkari - The Times of India

    Arunjaitley 's blog cites lessons for Manmohan Singh from Obama; targets Robert Vadra
    Arun Jaitley's blog cites lessons for Manmohan Singh from Obama; targets Robert Vadra - The Economic Times

    Dear timesnow ask him to read this>> Unreal Estate Of Robert Vadra Read more at

    Accusations on Robert Vadra threaten to become a dangerous liability for corruption-tainted Congress : Cover Story - India Today

    MSM demands you to send spokespersons for debates on BJP issues why not ask them for debate on Vadra deals

    Dear Maharashtra voters, time to teach both NCP & Congress a lesson. Vote for revenge

    Please tell Shashi Tharoor not live in glass house & throw stones at others


  • Sonia G talks about RTI in rallies>>NHAI too blocks inspection of files under Section 4 of RTI Act

    NHAI and use of RTI to inspect files under Section 4 - Moneylife

    When Modi or Rahul speak in rallies it helps only one party>>BJP Rahul speaks against his own party

    Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, Quickly Built Real-Estate Portfolio from Scratch

    Behind a Real-Estate Empire,Ties to India's Gandhi Dynasty - WSJ.com

    Since Sonia is "all-India mother" she can afford it.
  • UPA Motion Picture Presents: RSVP

    Twitter always said Maino is indulging in an unconstitutional puppet regime. Now PC Parakh and Sanjaya Baru confirmed

    ROFL The accidental Prime Minister

    A single Plate Cost Rs 7721 in UPA Govt

    Remember this when you go to vote

  • Truth about those who were preaching Hindustaniyat & Bharatiayta to us Indians. This is how Indian they felt & feel.

    "Whr was Sonia whn Indira lost in1977?"-

    Sonia has 3 foreign bank accounts, withdrew $10 billion recently: Swamy | Niti Central

    Wife of decoit Vadra - after and before election

  • Please tell Shashi Tharoor not live in glass house & throw stones at others

    IndiaLegal/March 15,2014 Issue

    The look of a hungry Predator !

    wife bleeder and paid tweeter Shashi Tharoor gives his paid opinion on modi

    शिलाजीत खानेवाले कोङ्ग्रेस्सी He Man भी देख लो

    Pappu gets kissed again, this time by a male supporter in Murshidabad! This time he must be happy.

  • 4th incident in just a month with Nagma by congress Gundas did with her & this time in in Bhopal-Women empowerment

    आज से और अभी से, देश पूछेगा सभी से, जो वादा किया है हमसे, निभाओगे भी कसम से !

    this man has built her temple

    Dear voters time to throw Congress & its allies out of power