Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • Congress has maniacs A.Singvi,Diggy & Surjewala as spokespersons

    to all those shouting SnoopGate ,will u also raise u r voice over this ?

    Farooq opposing his nikah to KP

    Ram Gopal Verma may make political-audltery movie on

    शर्म से डूब मरो दिग्गी India BTL Read how Diggy cheated on his wife while she was still alive & was battling cancer.

  • Is this the reason why CONGRESS is burying Hassan Ali CASE. "Vilasrao, RRPatil, AhmedPatel & others"

    In the case of Hasan Ali, the ED is behaving in an unprofessional manner, even the SC has reprimanded ED

    "SC Pulls Center (Cong) for Non-Compliance in Black Money Case" They kept hiding the details "NAMES"

    it is not anti Modi barb by Priyanka !!
    Woman commits suicide at Rashtrapati Bhavan complex - The Times of India

    The knives are out in the Congress over campaign 'fiasco'
    The knives are out in the Congress over campaign 'fiasco' - Rediff.com India News

  • 10 Pictures of Priyanka Vadra Doing Things That Will Make You ROFL

    When MrsVadra travelled on the metro (While cornering & slamming Modi)

    What is happening in Amethi ???

    Priyanka Gandhi in the Spanish Premier League

    Do these dorks who cant see space on the left & right to walk from, deserve to even run a Municipality?

    Public gaze is a very phunnyyy thing. Even a queen! And queen 2!!!
  • 10 Pictures of Priyanka Vadra Doing Things That Will Make You ROFL
    10 Pictures of Priyanka Vadra Doing Things That Will Make You ROFL

    Another sycophant doing what the man in the picture trying to do is Arnab

    my two penny

    Kids love picnic . Sonia’s kids love to do it once every five years-

  • Priyanka Jordan Gandhi executing a slamdunk

    Watch Abhishek Manu Singhvi Scandal Inside Story .


    Abhishek Manu Singhvi Scandal Inside Story - YouTube
  • Divide and rule is the way Congress does their politics while we say lets unite & do development: Narendra Modi

    Arnab 's brain has 404 error

  • see A Decade of Growth of india.

    India slips to its lowest on competitiveness.

    Insensitive PM of INCIndia who never felt any pain during any disaster.

    How UPA took us to new heights on every economic indicator and robbed poor and middle class of prosperity


  • Accidental Prime Minister


    Accidental Prime Minister

    SC Slammed UPA govt for unwillingness towards SIT on black money.(No debate Arnab on the news hour !!

  • Madhukar Jaitley of SP told Vadra he is the supreme leader,SP always supported Cong during crisis

    Rahul Model>>Amethi

    We want to teach Rahul a lesson, say Amethi voters
    We want to teach Rahul a lesson, say Amethi voters

    Facts of Amethi >> people are either innocent or may be terrorised by Gandhi's to vote for them

    There is no devpt in Amethi.Cong cant talk abt something that doesn't exist-MJ Akbar
    Why there is no Amethi model

  • You must tell these cartoonists not to harass poor>>Digvijaya too bad

    Proud moment for digvijaya & Rahul's INCindia Kattar Soch Nahi campaign

    Geetika Sharma suicide case: कहानी गोपाल कांडा & गीतिका शर्मा की Congress CULTURE

    Kapil Sibal here is a cartoon for your eyes only.

    That Pan-wallah confused for Priyanka Vadra.. I cant blame the guy... Even Im confused... LOL!

  • Pic says it all...Real Bharat Ki Beti??? Think again

    Must be a timesnow Arnab's cameraman... Habitually on the wrong side of the issue.
    ROFL Within 24 hrs after we showed Robert Vadra is from Pakistan ,Wikipedia changed it to India.

    Only PM can use IAF choppers and not Rahul/Sonia. Sofar they used 28times. why EC silent?

    ROFL People left Rahul Gandhi's rally in Solan when he attacked Modi

  • Rahul ki pyar ki rajneeti ka sample

    Well Rahul got the figure from here

    This is wht Rahul Gandhi has done 4 Amethi

  • Sonia is bent upon using Mafia tactics to weaken & Destroy the bonds that glue our nation together RT

    Must read >>The Dirty Politics Of A Century-Old Party- Not Again

    The dirty politics of a century-old party- Not again | Dr. Sunil Gupta

    Mr. Manish Tewari speaks of freedom to Prasar Bharti,but Sonia did not give freedom to even PM of India.

    Celebrating World Press Freedom Day.. NDTV Style!

    All Congressmen after 16th May

  • सोनिया के ही नही, गहलोत सरकार के दामाद भी थे

    Congress is responsible for violence in ASSAM

    मोदी से लड़ेगा कांग्रेस का नया शंकराचार्य.... (ये ढोंगी हुर्रियत के साथ आज़ाद कश्मीर की माँग भी कर चुका है)

    Congress exposed MUST READ

    अधोक्षजानंद फर्जी शंकराचार्य हे

    >Battleground Amethi: Congress faces a tough contest from AAP, BJP
  • Dynasty Darbari Feudalism! See the Arrogant Peeyanka sitting as if she is queen&masses at her feet!

    Foreign presents: PM gets Rs 9 lakh ; Sonia Gandhi gets Rs 7 lakh gold necklace. Read :

    Foreign presents: PM got Rs 9 lakh ; Sonia Gandhi got Rs 7 lakh gold necklace

    " If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living "

    Escape Velocity Formula Of Development Result

    Gangnam Style