Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • कांग्रेस का धोखा पत्र .

    Look who is on the shelf...while Assam burns !!

    Watch out for latest movie release - Diggy Titanic

    RG : अंकल मुझे आपकी राय चाहिये दिग्विजय : नहीं बेटा, अब वो तुम्हारी आंटी है

  • Congress to rename Gurgaon as Jamaica - as most of the land is जमाई-का !

  • Statue of "End-a-Dynasty" RT If Rahul wins Amethi, yeh to ban ta hai.

    Narendra Modi claims Ahmed Patel was a good personal friend. Patel denies.
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  • राहुल प्रियंका की युवा सोच हर कोई करे तरक्की कांग्रेस के सब बुड्ढे ठरकी

    ROFL! Lagta he! Inke bhi ache din aane wale hai

    Do u know what is the official meaning of party of Abhishek manu singhvi,ND Tiwari,Madrena. Read here >>>

    Congress ka yuva josh.HeHeHe

    Abhishek Manu Singhvi Scandal Inside Story


    Abhishek Manu Singhvi Scandal Inside Story - YouTube
  • दिग्गी दोगले छोटे भाई की बीवी का आरोप Click For Full News

    Dear Kapil Sibal you must thank Digvijaya who has given a lot of publicity for Yuva Josh campaign

    Block Digvijaya Singh-Amrita Rai content, websites told

    Consequence of Love Jihad. Fate of Rumi Nath, Congress MLA of Assam. Alert you kids.

    Rajiv's daughter and her brother@ElectionExpress

  • Narendra Modi tears into UPA claims on MNREGA, RTI
    Narendra Modi tears into UPA claims on MNREGA, RTI

    Another lie of INC India on MNREGA

    Another instance of bad reporting .see crowd for Sonia rally in AP

    pl don't forget how many skeletons are there in the cupboard of Congress. (Hawala to 100 scams)

  • UPA: Ek Bookwaas Dictionary | A Mirror to India
    UPA: Ek Bookwaas Dictionary
    2G: Second generation scams of third rate politicians of fourth generation dynasty.
    2002: Last recorded riots in India.
    9%: Growth rate in next few fiscals but ideally speaking, rate of inflation in the present fiscal.
    100 Crores: Highest grossing movie, lowest grossing scam.
    Aman ki Asha: Time table of cross border cease fire violation and terrorist interjections and next Indo Pak bilateral cricket matches.
    Ally: Enemies with common rate of interest in the loot. Also Guinea Pig for investigative agency.
    Affordable house: Debt Trap.
    Breaking News: Summary of tweets on a Topic that ended trending on twitter.
    Black Money: Black Gold, hard to catch peoples currency.
    BOP: Beer Onion Petrol. Unholy trinity of Rs 75.
    Border: Camp site of enemies armies.
    Blue Cheap Company: Trade stock in the next month expiry.
    Bucks Stop Hear: Lobbying counter, short cut to headquarters of working committees.
    Categorical Denial: Acceptance after a fortnight, observed in footnotes of corrigendum section of Newspapers.
    CBI: Clean-chit Bureau of Interference.
    Common Man: Bluff in the name of progress that politicians offers to voters. Also a dummy used to settle political vendetta or mischief. Also Indian man with eroded morality.
    Communal Divide: Dividing the pie into small pieces so that minority section believes it got the majority piece. Often followed by push and shove to a political dark corner.
    Corruption: Darwin’s Unnatural law of selection.
    Criminal: Lawmaker and hard working legislator.
    Cliff: The geographic location of India’s standing as an Economy.
    Cabinet:A gathering of people representing corporate oligopolies, geographic inequalities, caste prejudices and personal influences.
    CAG: Bouncer.
    Chapaati: Current phase of the moon is a daily wage earners life. Also Thaali.
    Concrete: Half baked.
    CPI: Congress Propreity Index, revised during preceding quarter.
    Deficit: Rate on increasing economic disillusionment.
    Dead lock: Tug of war between two in laws or ministers.
    DIL: Ace Business Man. “Daamad-e-Kanoon”
    Duty: My rights and your obligation.
    Economist: Accountant for inflationary effects.
    Elections: Process of converting black money to white without turning it grey. Curious case of Indian Rupee.
    Emerging: Helpless, clueless.
    Exclusive: Simultaneously on at least three news channels.
    Evanseco: Make files disappear, before alarm bells ring or file alarms trigger.
    FSB: File Security Bill to de-jinx the previous spell.
    Fiscal: Period of extreme monetary agony.
    GDP: Gross Domestic Pollution.
    Governance: Principal Opposition Party’s prime duty and principal objective.
    Growth Potential: Time in which the wick of the candle will burn out.
    Glossary: List of confession in mildly Euphemistic tone.
    High Command: Sole decision making body of the land.
    Honest PM: confession hour between mid day and midnight.
    Infrastructure: Shifting Bottles necks.
    Investigation: Vendetta with warrant.
    Joke: Affirmation and confession of prevailing time and trends.
    KLPD: Kerosene. LPG, Petrol, Diesel. Food Inflation, dividend of survival rate.
    Law: Forcefield which protects the criminal from his victim and eyewitness.
    Luxury: Food, clothing and shelter.
    Market: Place to buy and sell affiliation and influence.
    Mafia: Agency to weaken legal fiber and replacing it with immoral fiber.
    Modi: Used like a necessity of a verb in the latest Fashion Statement.
    Onion: The Apple of the eye. (On-ion)Also reappearing link between electro-chemistry and economics often emotionally charged.
    Parliament: A union of owls. (dictionary meaning)
    Panel: People who participate in witnessing how news reader practice their singing the preferred tunes of prejudice.
    Planning Commission: Carrying Costs of Omissions.
    Political foresight: Real life short sightedness dressed in cool sun glasses.
    Policy: Red Herring of a Ponzy Scheme.
    Poverty Line: A straight line between my pocket and my bank account.
    PM: Highest Cabinet Rank. Always follows the leader.
    Rate of Return: The time in which cabinet approves and returns the list demands of interest groups.
    Reforms: Forms filled in triplicate, along with two set of Xerox copies self addressed and self attested. Envelope MUST be accompanied.
    Resolution: Financial settlement before offer deadline ends.
    Rising Star: Seen on the horizon with the frequency of a rare comet, accompanied with crying storms of “Hail, the Redeemer”. Also True Stand Up comic.
    RTI: iRT
    Rupee: Also INR, form of wax, always goes down, never comes up.
    Scams: Trophy cabinet of achievements.
    Secularism: Nuclear Shield against inaction and accountability.
    Secular Riots: Events held under Olympic Oath.
    Source: Inspiration of Jugular verbal Sorcery.
    Speaker: (in Parliament) Keep calm and take seat. (on TV) Interference accompanied with Nations want to know, by one stooping and seating on one fourth derrière.
    Theek Hai: All is well. STOP. Over and out. The resumption of Radio Silence.
    UPA: Holy Roman Empire in Indian 2004 to present. Golden age of legal and compulsive loot.
    Voter: Loser.
    Weather Update: End of the shouting contest of a news channel.
    Compilation is influenced by current events and applications like twitter and whats app also periodic post and columns of of statistic genius, master satirist and cricket fan Andy Zaltzman of ESPN Cricinfo.
    This is dedicated to to Ambrose Pearce who wrote Devil’s Dictionary.
    This List is open to additions and editions. Entries welcomed and will be acknowledged.
  • Rahul Gandhi's Amethi is worst performer on RTE norms

    Ok Pappu reshuffling AICC;)
  • reaction of Bihar student after anti gujarat remarks by Rahul Gandhi


    reaction of Bihar student after anti gujarat remarks by Rahul Gandhi - YouTube
  • UPA Report

    22000 ppl will be killed in country if Namo becomes PM:-RaGa. When EC will act?

    Tweet Of The Day >
    5साल बाद RahuG बहनिया Priyanka को भेजते हैं,
    Amethi के लोग Priyanka को ही RahuG समझते होंगे >

  • >> Tweeted

    ROFL Kapil Sibal knows his future & since he is a poet (??) he is already negotiating with AR Rahman

    Narasimha Rao & the treatment by Congress

    RTI mean "Return To Italy" !!

    You blindly share or watch and share. Just attributing to PTI absolves U?
  • Dear Kapil Sibal & Yadav Akhilesh your parties will to explain a lot to 125 cr Indians when the new govt is formed.

    शहरे दिलों में जहां कभी जश्न रहता था, वहां हरे और केसरिया मकान हो गये.!!

    This shameless Arnab timesnow should have asked these questions to Priyanka instead I

    These boards of Robber Vadra school & Pappu medical store is exactly like the condition of Jha sanjay' s brain.

    Does Rahul G talk like this coz of the reason mentioned in Wikileaks ?

  • These boards of Robber Vadra school & Pappu medical store is exactly like the condition of Jha sanjay' s brain.


  • Mr.Sardesairrajdeep But salman khurshid was not lovable character for being "Baisaki Chor"