Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • A cartoon to represent Arnab Goswami's bogus exit poll on timesnow ROFL

    nob again wit pappu

    Expressions !!!

    that's why - I only was on

  • Now The Game Changer !!

    Manmohan gets his dues

    Manmohan Singh pyar ka dushman

    PM & Sonia’s riot darshan yatra

  • Secularism at the cost of nationalism

    Outgoing UPA govt appoints the new army chief in a hurry.

    Rahul Baba: Lots packing still pending

    ना जाने क्यों गले से लिपट कर रोने लगा जब हम बरसों बाद मिले जाते हुए जिसने कहा था.. के तुम जैसे लाखों मिलेंगे

  • Tale of two Prime Ministers.A Book by INC india
  • Congress is embarrassed by Rahul Gandhi again as he skips PM's farewell dinner
    Why are you shocked? Pappu has always shown middle finger to PMO india at every opportunity.

    Rahul Gandhi skipping PM's farewell dinner. Missing in action. Isn't that what the problem was all along! Symptomatic of the issue?

    2. Reason Rahul Baba skipped Manmohan's farewell dinner: He was in Amethi fixing the faulty EVM's.

    The Repairman - New Movie


  • तो एन डी तिवारी ने उज्ज्वला से शादी कर ली ?? कब पुड़ी खिला रहे है पप्पू को ?

    88 yrs ND Tiwari ka Marg Darshan: Gets married to Ujjwala Sharma in Lucknow.

    N.D. Tiwari is the true follower and disciple of Rahul Gandhi.

  • Another observation about Rahul missing the PM's farewell dinner

    From oct 2001 Narendra Modi has taken only 1 day break because of chickenguniya, Pappu gone on vacation because campaigning for 3 mnths

    Manmohan Singh's Last Supper, where Rahul Skips Dinner (Inspired by an Ida from year of Rat )

    Manmohan Singh's expressions

    MMS Expressions !!!

    Congress used the face of Sonia in Bharat Nirman Ad & Rahul's face on Yuva Josh.Now both are missing from the poster.

  • Rahul was present in booth to fix EVM but was missing from PMO india farewell dinner.Is Rahul being irresponsible?

    Congress Paid Media may shout vendetta but still Narendramodi
    government should investigate this in public interest.

  • The Congress Troll And Ted-Pole Writer Amaresh Misra Arrested

    Amaresh Mishra was part of CPI (ML) Never trust these communists morons

    Hate monger Amresh Mishra behind bars !

    कांग्रेस का आईएम (IM) कनेक्सन

  • Day before results, a certain family vanishes from Congress posters.

    This is a short video clip, I received on my cellphone on the 'whatsapp'...Its about the relationship the PM and Congress President enjoyed, see what you can make out of it...!!!

    Waiting for the Lotus to bloom! Omg :O This is insane. Big day coming

    गाँधी और उसका बेटा हरीलाल बेटी-भतीजी और पोती जैसे रिश्तों को भी नही छोड़े ...हे राम
  • Pappu ke haath mein chappu |
    Pappu ke haath mein chappu | Niti Central
  • Constipated ??

    Moronic ?

    Pensive ?

    You mean he is worried .. OK
  • Happiest man in Congress after party suffered massive defeat More time for Pogo & Chota Bheem?

    So cheap for Timesofindia to print such photo of a candidate. Did Nagma campaigned in ds clothes?

    As Shri Narendramodi had given the call Congress Mukth Bharat is under process>>

    Why is Dumbo Pappu so happy that Congress cant be even a opposition leader?

    Wow !! After 10 years PMO india is speaking without a ventriloquist

  • UPA Biggest mistake DASScam "People don't Forget & Forgive anymore"
    COFI | NCTA Cable TV Industry Memorandum dated 2nd April 2014 to All Political Parties

    Gandhi dynasty facing more than just election defeat

  • Priyanka Gandhi's posters come up in Allahabad by Congress workers requesting greater role for her >>

    Pinky admits committing an offence by having multiple DINs! And Kartipc faces music!

    Sheila, Delhi Gov among 18 state Gov may lose post .