Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • ->The Bofors mystery

  • UPA ministers don't seem to have the stomach for a fight for LS seats

    UPA ministers don't seem to have the stomach for a fight for LS seats

    This is how a sales tax office in Maharashtra looks like. Development brought by the UPA government

    Most corrupt minister of Cong Chidambaram never stepped down despite scams, now wont contest !!!

    Every major scam in UPA regime has been discovered outside India & UPA govt is forced to order domestic investigation


  • 2G spectrum CAG report.

    >Zero loss theory of Congress will be applied in 2014 election by voters.

    Preparing for 2014 General Elections

    What the world thinks about India because of Cong & its allies !!


  • Voters need to remember these News headlines of Cong led UPA

    don't forget 2 Bring ur Rs12 meal or no VOTE


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  • Last Mughal, Last British & Last Cong PM

  • Originally Posted by yogeshrajaji
    Last Mughal, Last British & Last Cong PM

    I sincerely hope it becomes reality. 90% of India's problem will be sloved

  • NDTV & Chidambram Accused of Money Laundering Scam of Rs. 5500 Crore?


  • In 1984, Sikhs were butchered on the Streets of Delhi. And Rahul Gandhi says Kattar Soch Nahi,Yuva Josh?

    Baba Ramdev calls Sonia Gandhi Waitress and holds her responsible for Religious Conversions

    Rahul Gandhi' s Bharath Nirman in Amethi & he visits Gujarat to verify development ?!!

  • Rahul G showed a 4.7 acre Mehrauli farmhouse in his affidavit. Declared mkt value: Rs. 9.86 lakh Actual: 200 crore? .

    Bharath Nirman by Congress

    ROFL.All senior Congress leaders are suddenly too sick to contest LS 2014 election.


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  • Why Congressis hate social media?

    Salem BJP IT cell is exposing this Cong Govt on the Defense front

    Rahul Gandhi's dream of poll victory is like filling gas in balloons with holes: Uddhav Thackeray in Saamna editorial

  • Instead of 2002 riots Rahul should explain about the deeds of this Gang

    NDTV accused of money laundering Rs 5000 crore, Chidambaram’s role under scanner

    about ALL these riots? more than 7000 Muslims killed under Congress.


  • Last of the few cartoons on MMS!

    BJP to Rahul: why talk only about Gujarat riots ? Talk from 1947.

    Forgery by Salman Khurshid