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Last updated: June 1 2016
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    Re : Congress Party

    Last of the few cartoons on MMS!

    BJP to Rahul: why talk only about Gujarat riots ? Talk from 1947.

    Forgery by Salman Khurshid
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      Re : Congress Party

      Salman Khurshid trust: In 10 out of 17 UP districts,officials reported ‘forgeries’

      Now Salman Khurshid you asked for it

      Does Salman Khurshid remember this ?

      Reminder for Salman Khurshid->

      Jagdambika Pal slams Salman Khurshid, Says he cheated disabled people


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        Re : Congress Party

        Maneka Gandhi says Sonia Gandhi became 6th richest in the world by looting public money through govt schemes

        Congress not only protected Dawood Ibrahim for 10 years but also issue tickets to his people.

        LS 2014 election requires,not only voting out Congress but also each of its allies who were with Cong in corruption

        Govt messed up, admits PM’s adviser Sam Pitroda (Now everybody blames MMS)
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          Re : Congress Party

          Touching read.. why India needs to vote out Congress ->

          Ha ha ha! Raga in yet another kindergarten interview!

          2nd topic->Chidambaram’s son involved in Aircel-Maxis scam, Points raised by Swamy

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            Re : Congress Party

            Chidambaram's son in multi-crore NRHM scam, and Congress gave LS ticket to him.

            US court asks Sonia Gandhi to show passport

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              Re : Congress Party

              These are the Youth Icons Rahul Gandhi in Kerala.!!

              Controversial Ad about the Bhopal Gas tragedy showing a blind Manmohan Singh!

              योयो पप्पू जी

              You can't get more sarcastic than this about Congress !

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                Re : Congress Party

                How did Sonia Gandhi become so rich? Maneka Gandhi asks

                Sonia Gandhi at the women empowerment function in Kerala.Check Out the number of women on stage(apart from Sonia )

                Rs 6,67,000 Crore Scam by Congress led UPA.!Sonia Gandhi should rightly be called MOTHER OF ALL SCAMs

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                  Re : Congress Party

                  More & more women empowerment by Pappu's team->Male leaders exploit us, Cong women tell Sonia

                  Congress weakest party due to its autocratic functioning: Mulayam

                  This is brilliant! Use it as a poster! MT Cong will fight or will not fight LS polls |

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                    Re : Congress Party

                    Kattar soch nahi yuva josh

                    I don't know but he hasn't denied : Kamal Nath on being asked whether Digvijaya Singh would contest from Varanasi


                    If Liarkejriwal shows any data of Gujarat, show them his source of fraud data


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                      Re : Congress Party

                      Congress wont be able to give anything for another 20 yrs friend,they are finished.

                      MMS finds Rahul (with mental porblem & zero exp capable & NaMo with 12 years record incapable?! & UPA ???

                      Rahul Gandhi -> never makes mistake because he never worked but yet so rich.

                      2002 Gang who cant see the reality

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