Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • ये अब तक के सबसे इमानदार PM है खुद देखिये, मजा आ जायेगा ?

    हर हाथ छुरी हर हाथ बोटी ऐसा देश नहीं चाहिए

    Dear voters:Vote for any of these parties is a vote for Congress & misery & scams for another 5 years

    Shashi Tharoor who is not able to follow up is wife Sunanda Tharoor's Murder case,can do nothing for voters in Kerala

    DMK family tree - main reason for success and downfall of Karunanidi

  • Cong needed Bangladeshi Votersearlier,now need refugees from Pakistan to vote for them.Anyone except 84% Indians

    Rahul Gandhi can't open a bank account in Amethi!

    सेकुलर बिरयानी-Shameless Congi

    Bacche bhi aajkal ke hai hoshyaar Abki baar Modi Sarkar

    Italian vote seeker, Uzbekistan vote influencer,Bangladeshi voters !!

  • Cong has been making a fool of Muslim community'

    'Cong has been making a fool of Muslim community'

    Lok Sabha elections 2014: Sonia Gandhi's efforts fail to woo Muslims

    Lok Sabha elections 2014: Sonia Gandhi's efforts fail to woo Muslims - The Economic Times

    10 lies that Congress tells to dupe Indian Muslims

    10 lies that Congress tells to dupe Indian Muslims

    finally we have SoniaG making statement - Secular votes should not be divided and meets Shahi Imam -guess why :)

  • !.Cobrapost says Cong didn't stop demolition

    2.Cong accepts sting

    3.Bhukhari knew it

    4.Bhukhari supports Cong ?!

    ROFL understand Secularism from -Fakingnews

    Delhi University launches new course B.Sc

    Feeling really sorry for the people of Rai Bareli. They got royally screwed.

  • The Congress manifesto is bereft of new ideas, has a 2009 hangover.

    Say something about this PAPPU Ask him clearly Is poverty state of mind or Does it exist????

    secular हिन्दू नहीं सेक्युलर "चूतिये महाचूतिये है और इनकी यही कमजोरी कोंग्रेस की संजीवनी रही है हमेशा से

    Pl take it up seriously with CEC how come they didn't find this communal when Sonia Gandhi(Cong) did this?

  • 20 political scams of Congress that shamed India

    20 political scams that shamed India | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

    अगर इस बार कांग्रेस चुनाव जीती तो खान पान के चोजो का रेट होगा

    Congress cried foul when Ex-CBi director released his book on Bofors scandal


    Secularism of Congress

  • When Modivision Reflects Good Governance, You Won't see a Repeat of What Congress' Rajeev Shukla did in RS

    A fact during Congress rule in India

  • Remember President' s words about Kejriwal & AAP

    Remember these words of people before voting.

    Super stars of Congresske scams (remember their crime while voting)

    Voters need to remember these News headlines of Congress led UPA

    Why this Kolaveri D ?

  • Haha Rahul wave :)

    Congress manifesto since 1968

    RIP Congress ROFL

    NoMore Of dis Shit.

  • Facts: On Chidambaram as Fin Min ! Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar

    India's Rahul Gandhi seeks "poison" of power =>

    The dynastic rulers of Congress have neglected the whole of India on the East as they done to their own family

    Cong slogan since independence -Gareebi Hatao

    Kattar Soch Aur Boti Josh- New Slogan Of Rahul Gandhi

  • Delhi voters think 10 times before voting Kapil Sibal How he tried to crush the voice of Social Media

    Tehelka share holding pattern.find Kapil Sibal at the bottom.

    Thank u so much Bhai Jaan u have withdrawn all ur candidates against our leaders & talking ill of Modi all the time


    When di Kapil Sibal join AAP ?
    Lol... the poster says AAP Ka AAPCON Sibal !!

  • ROFL Voters are proud of Kapil Sibal being MP from Chandni Chowk & are expressing it Ha ha ha

    Kapil Sibal’s lies punctured by Gujarat govt figures.

    Digvijay Singh had accused Arvind Kejriwal of adopting Congress party's theme (of deception?)

    Digvijay Singh releasing book which says 26/11 was plotted by Indians. Anti Indian Congressman

  • Digvijay Singh's man drafted Mohalla Sabha bill ∈ public they act like enemies

    Digvijaya's trusted babu to draft mohalla sabha law - The Times of India

    For linking RSS to 26/11, Aziz Burney says sorry on front page(but not Digvijay Singh) http://

    For linking RSS to 26/11, Aziz Burney says sorry on front page - Indian Express

    Digvijay's Cong Govt refused to send Police force when requested by Gujarat during 2002 riots(Media never mentions it

  • See the handiwork of PigVijay


    Congress found solution to control Social media ROFL

    Is Rahul not polarising the election=>he warns of religious trouble on election eve http://www.

    Rahul Gandhi warns of religious trouble on election eve - DAWN.COM

    Kyonki Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar


  • An Indian PM with a separatist who is a friend of a terrorist in Pakiatan It happens only under Congress rule