I have been wondering what fundamental changes are needed in our country to flourish its in all ways and my thoughts are as below. Pls add yours or correct me

1. Half the population of this country who are not contributing to the nation needs to disappear - examples: all criminals (rapists, murderers etc), corrupt babus/ politicians, BPL public who do not do any work and just sponge this nation
I don't know how can that happen, but unless this population is wiped out, nothing can be done and we will continue to rot in the unhygenic, corrupt, crime swollen environment. Our daughters will not be safe, our kids will have no future.

(I know many would not like above point and I run into risk of being banned. But I am utterly frustrated and do not see any other remedy - pls suggest alternatives)

2. All males and females need to be sterilised after first 2 kids. Make this mandatory - no exceptions.

3. A national revolution is needed to get rid of corrupt pests. Bring back French Guillotine to chop off the heads of anyone found doing corruption. Note that this revolution will not be brought by the BPL families, as ruling class will keep them happy by Rs600 / NREGA type of schemes. This revolution has to brought by scooter riding working class who are being squeezed to slow death by our corrupt leaders.

Any other ideas?


A frustrated and Angry Man (Aam Aadmi)
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