I am not a Congress supporter and an equally frustrated with everything happening around us, from corruption to mishandling of economy.
However, looking at the kind of opposition and small state-level parties that we have, was just curious to get every one's opinion on what they think is the quality of alternatives we have?

a) Who will handle critical porfolio's like Finance, Home, Foreign etc if BJP comes to power?

b) What if Mulayan becomes PM with support?

c) What if Mayawati becomes PM with support?

You know anything is possible in India...we have seen series of PM's in 90's with VP Singh, Chandrshekhar, IK Gujaral, Devagoda all making merry with a tag of Ex-PMs and moving on.

Do we have politicians like Atalji etc.
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  • Wow! Was that so tough?

    Are there no alternatives and we will continue to have the dynasty rule as always...
  • Mr. Narendra Modi

    The best and only option is Mr. Narendra Modi. He is the firm, and tested. He is running Gujarat towards growth from last ten years with very little central support and lot of criticism.

    The only issue is, even people in his own party are afraid from him, and so don't want see him to be next PM.

    My POV.
  • Big no to Maya , Mulayam,Mamta, Laalu etc.
    my vote goes to Modi despite all negativity around him.
  • Yes definately only under the leadership of Mr narendra modi sir india can even think of becoming super power ,. His projects are accepted and adoptes not just in india but in foreign also , Mr anil ambani said "if gujarat would have been a separate country then it would have been standing among the developed ones ."
    I wish BJP under modi wins gujarat with 3/4 th majority then BJP makes modi PM candidate ,
    I can bet BJP would get 250 + seat in this case it can even get a full majority
  • Unfortunately there is no alternate.

    If you remember, PC, Karuna Team, Pawar, Mamta, Ajit Singh, Mulayam, Lalu, etc. were part of all the combinations. They were there then and they are here too!!!. There is nothing wrong in any party but these vultures goes where ever there is food.

    Yes, people are completely fade up .. same happened to Bangali people and they jumped from frying pan to fire. We have long time business in Kolkata and there is no hesitation to say that the people are still the same .. only color changed.

    However, matter worsened and due to their concern of future stability they are in a mad rush to encash the opportunity or to mop up as much as possible. Due to the insecurity feeling, there is a mad appeasements and populist actions all around.
  • Looking at the historical records of Indian politics...chances of Mulayam or Maya becoming PM are far more than Modi...
    People who have awareness do not vote...people who vote, they get note (Rs.)

    Congress needs a big gap between rick and poor because...most of them are rich and they will continue to be in power till they have poor...this has been an old policy of congress which I am afraid poors do not understand...

    Bachpan mein sunte the...congress aayi, mehgayi layi + c for congress, c for corruption

    they are still true after several years...what does this mean...they can get away with anything because their policy of rich-poor divide, religious-partition, caste-war will continue
  • Wow!!! that was a googly out of blue by Mulayam and Mamta, although many of us had thought about MMS (I in fact did last week only). MMS is already working like a nominal head and he may be placed at any position, it doesn't change anything.

    APJ is the guy who called Sonia to let her know why she cannot be PM way back when Congress won and that brought the lame duck MMS into picture.

    All in all, what a shameful situation these politicians have created and what a shame they are bringing to highly reputed positions like PM and President.