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Real Estate Slowdown or Not?


Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

Last updated: June 2 2007
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  • Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

    After a free bull run for two years, the booming real estate market seems to have lost some of its steam. Property prices, which were in ever escalating mode, have begun to slide if not crash.

    This cooling off phase is the overheated property market has led to the fears of property meltdown.

    I think the time for real estate boom is over. Guys what do u think is it over or not?
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    Re : Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

    Yes...check CNBC property news...line with slow down of real estate


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      Re : Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

      Is there a slowdown in the property market?

      It might be a brick-by-brick process but the slowdown in the property market is evident. Industry watchers firmly believe that with the dollar inflow into realty slowing down, land prices will also sober down,
      Private equity firms are playing the wait-and-watch game. Experts say the volume of private equity joint ventures has fallen. And this is because private equity players expect land prices to fall further.

      The real impact is at the raw material end, or the land prices end. And this will eventually be felt through the entire value chain. The land prices has started to go to levels, which were difficult to sustain, particularly in Class-III towns. The class-II town areas, which were significantly outside the metro limits will get impacted significantly.

      But it is not just the tier-II and tier-III cities that will see a correction. Experts believe that certain pockets in tier-I cities, such as Gurgaon and Mumbai, might as well see a dip.

      As of now, supply is coming up in Central Mumbai, as well as suburban areas of Thane and Navi Mumbai. There could be some amount of correction here in Mumbai. But I do not see a significant downside in prices.

      Private equity is one of the last sources of funding that is open to developers. But with even these deals slowing down, developers could be faced with tough times ahead.


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        Re : Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

        yes . every where in the entire india, the prices of the realestate are falling but slowly brick by brick. the people are realising the trick being played by the realtors and the politicians.the pity is iin a developing country like india, the poor are becoming very poorer and the rich are becoming highly rich. where is eauality.I m told the property prices in hyderabad/visakhpatnam/bangalore/are already on the decline. more so it is quite evident in hyderabad. now the flat in hyderabad will be avaialble for Rs1500/ a sft.which is 3000/ a couple of months is also eveident the way the realtors are giving advertisements regarding slashing of prices in their projects. A good change and welcome change


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          Re : Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

          Dear All

          This is very information & valuable for ppl looking for affordable homes. It is important that we all share our experince & information so others are benifited(buyers). A day will come when this will become buyers market



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            Re : Real Estate Slowdown or Not?

            Slowdown is there...

            But are there signs of market crash?
            Manoj Misra

            Get a different view...


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?