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there are two kinds of real estate investors-those who have the money to invest and those who don't. Considering the latter, does Noida present good investment opportunities, considering that such a person would raise all/majority of the investment capital through loans? The present real estate market in Noida is being viewed as a stable one owing to the supply largely meeting the demand and even surpassing it at times. This would cause the rate of appreciation in property prices to be low over the coming few years-an obvious loss-making-scenario for a small investor.I would like members to comment on this analysis of mine.

Another point of concern for an average 'small' investor in the real estate market is the 'rental return' on residential property. What, according to the members, is the standing of Noida in the house-rent market? Is it likely to become more attractive; if yes, then in which sectors of Noida and in which type of residential property.
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    I think noida is a good city to invest in. Noida commercial property this stage in at boom. if anybody invest in commercial property he/she will be beneficial by good return abt 9%-12%.
  • But noida is very expansive city and investment is very big.