Every building has a life. Even the best construction reaches a stage of demolition after may be 50 years. What happens in the case of multi-storey residential complexes constructed by builders & societies? What is the ownership & how is it handled?
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  • In Mumbai the societies go in for redevelopment where they hire a builder to demolish it and rebuild it. The builder is able to build more flats due to extra FSI granted by the state government so thats his profit.
  • This may work smoothly in small societies having few tens of flats. These days the number of flats made by builders have crossed 100 per acre. Thus we are having 1000+ owners in a 10+ acre complex. The builder flats are registered individually. How will 1000+ owners converge? Some may like to continue with residential status while others may want to go commercial. A city's land use keeps on changing. As years pass, more and more residential area in the heart of city gets converted to commercial. Residences are expanding into suburbs & satellite towns. Do the builders or Indian law have anything in this regard?

    The problem gets more severe when all towers don't age simultaneously. Few towers in a complex might get dilapidated earlier than the others.
  • This is probably the most important question for every Indian - who is buying flats from builders today !!! BUT most of us do not even remember to ask and inquire - what is the procedure and plan after the building needs to be re-made at that time ..... There must be some law or rules for this kind of a situation - OR - is there non ???