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SEZ Plan Runs Into Irate Farmers


SEZ Plan Runs Into Irate Farmers

Last updated: May 15 2007
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  • SEZ Plan Runs Into Irate Farmers

    Gurgaon: Much to the chagrin of Haryana government’s claim that the state is a favourite destination for SEZ developers and industries, about 3,000 farmers from 130 villages from Gurgaon and adjoining areas blocked the traffic for two hours on Sunday on NH-8 near Manesar against land acquisition by the government.

    The protesters called off the traffic blockade after the Gurgaon deputy commissioner (DC) Rakesh Gupta promised that the government would respond to their demands by Wednesday.

    However, farmers have unanimously decided to block the traffic again on May 27, if the government fails to respond. Shouting slogans against the state government, farmers said that they would prefer to die than let the government acquire their land.

    ‘‘Pachgaon Banega Nandigram’’ read one of the banners put up by the farmers from village Pachgaon. Haryana government has issued a notification to acquire the land of this village.

    ‘‘The government has moved ahead to acquire about 250 acre of land in Manesar village. Once the land is acquired people will have no place to live. We have demanded that the government must not forcibly acquire land to benefit industrial and corporate houses,’’ said Surender Singh, Sarpanch of Garouli village.

    Farmers said that the option of selling land should be left to the farmers. ‘‘We strongly feel that all farmers don’t want to sell their land. If that’s the last option for them, then they must get market price. But the main aim behind such a move by all of us is to ensure that the government does not acquire our land. Wherever they have issued notices they must stop taking further action,’’ said Brahm Prakash, president of Krishi Bhoomi Bachao Kishan Majdoor Sangharsh Samiti.

    Farmers from five villages from Garhi Harsaru have asked the government to stop the Reliance Industries from taking possession of the land, though all formality has been completed. ‘‘We have told the government not to do any such thing till July 11 when our case comes up for hearing in Punjab and Haryana High Court,’’ Surender cautioned.

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