Recently a Pune builder has caught national attention - all for wrong reasons.

CNN-IBN has a story titled:

Pune builder's shady road to riches, , May 30, 2007 at 03:25 give some interesting details.

Article says,

"Official documents now in the possession of CNN-IBN clearly show how rules were bent to help Bhosale and his associate, Venku Reddy, get multi-crore contracts from the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Project."

This is not one off case. There are several cases of builder-bureaucrat-politician nexus. Is this nexus ruling the Indian Real Estate Industry?

What are your views?

Manoj Misra
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  • YOu are right Mr. Misra.I totally agree for what you have said. there is a nexux between the realtor/politician and beurocrat. what they do is first the realtor contacts the beaurocrat and come to an understanding regarding percentage of bribe, to make the politician announce that so and so project is coming at so and so place. some it park/fabcity/so on and so forth. the beuro contacts the politician and make a deal regarding the share. then al of asudden the politician announces false notifications. thats the begining of the end for the common man to fall prey to the realtor.this is happening in entire india, particularly in the recent years.i dont know when and where will this end. unless the people shed their greediness for money , this will continue
  • Is this still relevant..

    .. any - additional - thoughts?