Howe does a Broker really goes about advertising his projects is Print the right option or its purely networking.What ways are possible to Brnad onself.
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  • Lots to choose from..

    for a Broker, there is an entire gamut of options...
    Depending on the exclusivity he has for a project that he intends to market and the niche he is targetting, options can vary from news print to the internet to word of mouth

    Home Buyers are very tech savy these days and if you are looking at the upwardly mobile DINK's, you can find the net to be the best medium for you. Virtual Wallkthru's and instant mortgage comparisions are few features that can turn these prospects to buyers

    So take your pick

  • HI....

    Thanks for the reply...

    It would be nice if you can help me with specific sites or Print options available
  • Print Option

    Depending on your location and the niche you are trying to pitch to,
    Times of India can be a good option
    Local newspapers are a good option provided they have a large circulation