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Land acquisition sparks protest


Land acquisition sparks protest

Last updated: May 9 2011
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  • Land acquisition sparks protest

    The Haryana government’s decision to acquire 3,304 acres of land falling in 10 villages in Kharkhodafor setting up an industrial model township shows how the government has double standards when it comes to acquiring fertile land for industrial development.

    Early this year, the chief minister had announced in Ambala that fertile patches in the acquired land will be left for agricultural purposes.

    The notification issued by the state government on April 8 under Section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act has been opposed by several landowners. The district administration claimed that a large part of the land falling under this huge patch is in a low-lying area and infertile. But a survey of the ground situation showed that most of the land under acquisition is fertile and irrigated.

    Huge patches of land had several pumps for irrigation running on diesel and electricity. A large chunk of land was being readied for the second crop after reaping of the wheat crop. All this seemed to fly in the face of the administration’s claim.

    “If the government or district administration feels that this patch is infertile, it’s quite strange. Every year, we have three crops. If this is not enough to prove that the land is fertile, clearly the government is not acting in the interest of the farmers,” said Mahendra Singh Rana of Nizampur Khurd village.

    Ten acres of Kundal village is under acquisition and farmer Vir Singh who is from the village says he gets three crops from his farmland. “Many of the farmers will be deprived of their land. One-time compensation is not enough recompense for loss of livelihood,” he said. Several farmers who have been sitting on dharna protesting against the land acquisition said no amount of compensation can make them part with their land.

    “I don’t know anything except farming and rearing animals. We want to save the entire land for farming. Even if the government offers us a job in exchange for the land, we will not agree. From owners, we will end up becoming employees,” said Jaiprakash Arya from Sahoti village.

    Farmers also alleged that a huge percentage of the land which has already been acquired in other parts of the state for industrial development is lying vacant.

    “This means that the government is acquiring our land at alow price and will sell it to industries at a higher rate,” alleged Dilbag Singh, one of the affected farmers.

    However, the district administration claimed that the protest is being held only by a handful of farmers.

    “Most of the landowners want their land to be acquired for industrial development. This will bring economic prosperity to the region. Moreover, most part of the land under acquisition falls in a low-lying area,” said Pankaj Agrawal, deputy commissioner of Sonipat.

    He added that in case the state government issues any other direction, it will be followed.

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    Do u think it is correct to acquire fertile land for big Industrial townships ? How does the Govt. achieve the right balance here ?
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    Re : Land acquisition sparks protest

    Originally posted by MANOJa View Post

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    Do u think it is correct to acquire fertile land for big Industrial townships ? How does the Govt. achieve the right balance here ?
    Obviously acquisition of cultivable land for Industrial areas is not a favourable decision. Another factor is that already their are existing industrial areas in Haryana that are not being put to the intended use and most of the plots are lying empty with no industrial activity at all. Case in point is 4 indutrial areas in and around Sonepat.

    As far as the compensation part is concerned most of the farmowners are actually getting a very very high compensation and solatium than a couple of years ago.
    The Haryana Govt under the current Chief Minister probably offers the Highest value for land along with benefits like yearly payment on top of the aquisition price and no registry cost if the amount is used for procuring land elsewhere (within a stipulated time off course)!!!
    Only reason for resentment apart from losing employment is because of expectation of an even higher compensation. Some of the farmers probably have actually never been in the fields and have been getting rent for their land (Theka). This does not give such landowners ground to cry foul actually. Please read the attached article and find the current compensation slabs and you will surely be amazed.. Far Better appreciation in aqricultural land than builder projects over the past 2 years
    Haryana govt hikes land acquisition rates
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