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Property purchases - goals and options


Property purchases - goals and options

Last updated: June 4 2011
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  • Property purchases - goals and options

    Hi guys
    So I'm currently looking to purchase a property in Delhi/Gurgaon. The options I'm considering include -
    1 - BPTP Spacio (3+1+1 option, 1788sft)
    2 - Raheja Vedas (3+1, 1800 ~sft)
    3 - and a DDA 2 BHK (GF) ready to move in, in Dwarka itself.

    My goals are more than just one.. which I assume may be for most people - appreciation, move-in within reasonable time (1.5 yrs), and proximity to my current house in dwarka.

    All these are within the 66-75L range.

    For BPTP I am concerned about the builder reputation - esp after havin seen their Amstoria project which is a huge ambitious project, I fear in a cash crunch they may start diverting money to that project instead.

    Reg. Raheja I have only heard good things about the builder so far - are there any known issues with their standing?

    Appreciate the guidance of this forum in what I checks I should do further to ensure I put my money in the right place.

    I have already been badly hurt by a wrong investment 4 yrs back and so want to be extra cautious this time.

Have any questions or thoughts about this?