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Invest is a gain , not a pain !!


Invest is a gain , not a pain !!

Last updated: July 22 2011
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  • Invest is a gain , not a pain !!

    I am 27, keen on buying my first property like many others of my age with decent income will be.
    But i found that most of my brothers, female friends (not sisters) are in pain over investing. here i present you a stat which might give you 'Peace of mind' .

    NCR buyers know very well abt Indiarapuram. GHZBD has been among top 6 of world's most emerging cities and indirapuram is CENTER OF ATTRACTION. every one (read Me as well !!) wants to buy a home there but due to high investment, one has to think seriously.

    take a look a this snap (attachment) - It shows Appreciation between 2007 to 2011 in indirapuram. It has Upper range and below range value average. Let talk abt lower range.
    Let take period only from JULY 07 to JULY 11 (although it is from july starting) for our example. during this period rates has increased from 2823 to 3518 psf. which means over 4 year your ROI (return of investment is 23%) so I f i would have bought some flat in 25L , it would have been of 32 lacks by now (NOTE here I am talking abt houses in same condition ie. under construction then and under construction now)

    Now if you see our conventional methods of investment which will give you 8 % return (toooo modest !!!), in 4 years yours 25 lacks will became 34.32 L.

    So guys dont take tension , watch out for good scheme and then invest dont do hush bush... This stat might not be correct for some location/societies) but in general it works.......................

    BUT IF you invest early in real estate on BIGGG advantage is you do FORCE SAVING which is good.

    share your view on it .. Thanks!
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    The best real-estate investments with the highest yields are in working-class neighborhoods, because fancy properties are overpriced -by Jane Bryant Quinn
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    Re : Invest is a gain , not a pain !!

    This is an eye opener for those who wants to invest with loan, most of the time a losing situation.
    Thanks for the analysis.


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      Re : Invest is a gain , not a pain !!

      **************** data & graphs based upon their own submitted property ads. there really do not connected with exact market situations. As per you and this **************** if someone purchase any RTM property in IP 4 years before in any rate then right now he can purchase same RTM property in IP at just 23% increased rate. As I live in same near areas hence know it very well that forget 23% if anyone have purchased any Society flat in IP then ask him he will let you know that in 4 years rates of their society flats is appreciated to near about 50%-70% and still increasing. Rent also has been increased with same ratio, 4 years back in IP rent in any good society of 2BHK was maximum 8K but at this time it is minimum 13K. Builders flats in IP is little bit cheap but 4 years before they was much much cheaper and as for appreciation in % they also appreciated a lot in IP during last 4 years.

      For end users and for living purpose its better to purchase any flat in NCR with in the budget ASAP, still in NCR I see no sign of reduce the rates specially in any affordable categories. Only in last 8 months rates of all affordable options in NCR has been increased from minimum 1700 PSF to minimum 2100 PSF. Check rate of any RTM flats in CR , RNE , NP , Maneser and analyze the situation, at least 15-20% appreciation for sure in less than 1 year. AAsa na ho ki saare affordable budget upcoming locations out of budget ho jaye, aur NCR mai apna FLAT lena phir sapna he rahe jaye.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?