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Will US Realty Crash Affect India?


Will US Realty Crash Affect India?

Last updated: August 8 2007
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  • Will US Realty Crash Affect India?

    After many years of hectic growth, there is an obvious slowdown in the US realty and property markets since last year. Some professionals are predicting bloodbath in the segment which could affect the entire US economy...

    Now, will it be just the US economy? Many European countries, and also countries such as Australia have been having bullish real estate markets last almost a decade. India has been doing well on the real estate front as well...

    Remember what happened to Japan...the country has been having a recessionary real estate market for many many years after a bullish decade in the eighties...

    Will the US real estate crash affect the rest of the markets, and especially India? We are already seeing cooling down of prices in key markets such as Mumbai. What do you folks think is going to happen? Will there be a real estate crash in India, or will it be a growth story for more years to come?

    I welcome members' opinions and feedback.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re : Will US Realty Crash Affect India?

    No adverse effects

    I dont see any of the corrections in the US realty affecting the Indian Real Estate Scenario.


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      Re : Will US Realty Crash Affect India?

      Not in the immediate future

      It does not look like there could be a dip in the Indian real estate because of the US subprime concerns. There is a lot of investment happening right now in the Indian real estate. This is just the beginning from the looks of it. Corrections in the market would happen just as in any other line of activity. A meltdown like what we have seen in the US is a long way off. I feel that the Indian real estate is still a good bet for the next 5-6 years. It could see a major correction after that. After that, it is too early to predict now.


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        Re : Will US Realty Crash Affect India?

        Japan in particular..


        The global real estate markets are witnessing far greater degrees of demand for real estate till on date.

        US story apart, if we talk about Japan in the Asia-Pacific, the country posted a growth of 128% in terms of transaction volumes in real estate in year 2006.

        As far as the long-time recessionary trends, between 1980-2000, in Japan are concerned, it was primarily due to the error-prone debt system of their banking and financial sector, which suffered major failures in the form of huge Non Performing Loans (NPLs).

        Therefore, the real estate market of Japan does not bear any concern with recession, except for the fact that it slackened just like any other sector of their economy during those times.

        As of now, their banking system has overcame the issue of NPL in a big way and the economy is back on track. With this, the real estate markets are also slated to shine with positive economic trends in the markets.

        ..Expecting interesting responses on the subject

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