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Real estate BOOM - Are you gaining?


Real estate BOOM - Are you gaining?

Last updated: August 6 2007
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  • Real estate BOOM - Are you gaining?

    Dear Forum Members,

    I'd like to discuss a very important issue today.

    We all seem to be fascinated by the real estate 'BOOM' factor. But actually what does a boom mean for you.
    • If you are a real estate agent, broker, developer or any consultant associated with the real estate industry; then you might be happy with the prospects and business the soaring market has generated for you.
    • But for a customer, who wants to buy a property; has the boom factor done any good to him (besides paying astronomical amounts and steeping interest rates to add to his agony)
    Yes, it definitely must have done our economy a favor, brought investments into the country.

    People now have better job opportunities, better pay packets; at the same time more spending options, more retail joints, swanky cars and lifestyle gadgets to choose from.....

    So at the end,the Indian customer with all the 'Boom Blessings' is back to square one with 'empty bank balance'

    Of what I understand, The real estate of.........(the place) is booming
    means get ready to shell out more money from your pockets....while your Agents and builders are smiling to the bank.

    Have your say!!!
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