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Realty Stocks or Real Estate..??


Realty Stocks or Real Estate..??

Last updated: August 9 2007
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  • Realty Stocks or Real Estate..??

    This is a news scoop depicting the current real estate scenario in Vietnam...
    Previously, the rising stock market once attracted real estate investors, but now, with the market in a decline, investors have come back to the property market. It is simply because it is less risky to invest in real estate than in stocks, while the investment can bring more profit than deposits at banks.

    Investors are of the opinion that if they sold shares at this moment, they would incur losses of 30%. As there is no sign of the recovery of the market, it is wiser to inject money in property trading.

    Real estate trading floors now are bustling these days, floor are receiving 10 people a day who come to seek information about real estate projects, and all of them are securities investors. A staff here said that the number of successful transactions had increased by several times in the last one month.

    Houses and apartments traded in the last month all had high value. Most of the real estate buyers have been stock investors.
    Though it is quite early to predict the future of the Real Estate Stocks in India with DLF, Omaxe doing quite well while Purvankara being quite a disappointment.....Dear Forum Members dont you feel that the India Real Estate Scenario is also heading towards such a future....??? ....Actually where r we heading..??..
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    Re : Realty Stocks or Real Estate..??

    Dear Arun,

    Your concern on real estate as an asset class is really appreciable.

    What I feel here is that it won't be reasonable to compare the war-stricken economy of Vietnam and world's second fastest growing economy of India.

    We are the fifth largest economy in terms of purchasing power after America, EU, China and Japan and much ahead of developed countries of the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

    Vietnam ranks 38 in this case.

    But it is all the way good to learn from the misfortune of others...



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