Indian real estate is highly unregulated, unorganised market with huge potential. The information flow is concentrated to brokers and agents which acts as their only tool to extract money from buyers and sellers.

The most important factor as we all know in real estate is Location, Imagine what happens if the location information is made freely available to public. Its happening in other parts of the world and india will not be untouched.

Indian real estate market has one of the lowest rate of commission structure (2%) as compared to its european and American counterparts. Still the lack of regulation makes it a bitter experience for the sellers and buyers with increasing number of insecure real estate brokers. There is an urgent need to make this market more regulated and rules drawn clearly and transparently. A combined intiative from Govt. and real Estate community is required.

Its Time for an inevitable change to make property transaction a Delightful Experience for everyone.

Comments on this topic is highly required and will be appreciated
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  • You are right up to some extent. but it is not completely true that indian real estate is unstructured. Everything needs time to grow. Real estate is in its transition period. As the time will pass, it will take its complete shape.
  • Rela Estate web portal

    Yes there is no doubt builder and brokers are making huge money by selling and buying property and not providing exact information to the customer but with the introduction real estate web portal now some information is easly available to the crstomers so that they can compare the price of property.