In terms of appreciation Is an individual house better than an apartment? What shall be average difference ?
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  • Just a matter of market dyanamics.

    Appreciation is hugely based on the market dyanamics, the demand supply scenario has a big role to play in it. It also depends on the geographies, many tier II cities are not yet comfortable with apartment culture, and hence the appreciation on individual houses here is going to be higher.
  • No Hard and Fast Rules!!!

    Well, it's not always true that value of an individual house appreciates faster than an apartment.

    A suitably-located apartment in a building/colony equipped with all civic amenities and quality infrastructure can bring you greater returns than a bungalow situated in a dilapidated locality with no roads, damaged drainages, garbage all around and shattered security arrangements.

    You really have to work on ground to find out which is a better option at what place. No hard and fast rules for that brat..!!!
  • General rule - the appreciation always ties to the underlying land.

    So in the same area, always the individual appreciates a lot than the apartments in the same area - however old the house may be. The older the Apt gets, it's value tends to depreciate.