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White money


White money

Last updated: July 6 2022
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  • White money

    What is white money and why should one use as much white as possible in a real estate purchase?
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    Re : White money

    White money!!!

    White money, we can say, is the one for which the sources are known and revealed. One pay taxes on it and keeps record into his books of accounts!!!

    As far as second question is concerned, use of white money should be prefered not only in real estate but in all the transactions whatsoever. It brings transparency and accountability in the dealings as you get a legal receipt of the entire amount you pay towards a property.

    The same also becomes helpful in case of any litigation with the builder or any other authorities.
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      Re : White money

      White money is any cash or non-cash contribution made by an investor who does not personally benefit from the ownership or rental of that property.foodle

      Similar to how black money is used in an economy, white money is also important in the real estate market. White money is capital that can be used to buy property and other real estates assets such as land, homes, and apartments. io games

      In simple terms, white money is any kind of capital that comes from a source that doesn’t have any illegal links or financial implications. In short, what makes it ‘white’ is the lack of anything suspicious about it. When buying a property with white money, you are usually looking at properties where the purchase price does not exceed 10% of the property value or your yearly income-to-debt ratio does not exceed 21%.


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