Hye friends,

As we all are noticing that dozens of real estate websites have emerged up in India, in a very short period of time.

The face of property transactions is definitely changing fast with all this and few of the sites are serving the needs of Indian populace nicely.

Still it seems that a lot of aspects are yet to be covered and we need something more than property listings!!!

What's your opinion...?
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  • So, Where do we go from here??

    Hello Friend,

    You have hit the nail on the head. property buyers and sellers in India are stuck up in the maddening bubbles of the real estate industry. In their urge to make money in the sunshine sector, many are prone to make mis-calculations. :(

    I understand, when one searches for a property to buy or sell, he/she would prefer to see it listed, that's a easy way out; but I have met many of my friends who had to undergo gruesome circumstances; falling in traps of unscrupulous agents. And to top it all, the real estate websites with all those listings are nowhere around to listen to your plea.

    They do not care to ensure if the listings are fake or authenticate the credentials of the agents posting the property.

    Moreover, real estate sites in India, mostly listing based can be termed as money-vending portals undertaking no moral responsibility to educate the consumers. Of course, if making money is the prime intention, then its always better if consumers are dumb.

    So, Where do we go from here?? At least a forum like this helps consumers like us to express ourselves.

    Thank You Indian Real Estate Forum team :)
  • Thats a very valuable point. Infact, one could only search these sites with the help of a binocular less u want to lose eyesight. Far too many listing on the home page. As pointed out there is no credibility and a total waste of time.