Relocation blues……

Home relocation or moving is an important aspect of real estate functioning. One of the most important aspects of relocation is to plan and organize you for a smooth transition to the new environment. As home relocation corresponds to the change in environment, it involves not only the financial aspects of moving but also the emotional fluctuations of a family.

So are you having difficulties in coping with the relocation blues. Share your thoughts and fears...
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  • relocating is a big problem for me and I cant do away with it since I have a transferrable job. relocating in India is really tough if we see the condition of roads..huh horrible was my experience last summer when i incurred a major loss due to damage of movable property while shifting to a different city via road.
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  • Yes...Relocating the house is too painful
  • Relocation is not that tough and difficult, if you plan it carefully and properly.
    Also hiring a good Packer and Mover is very important to make things simple.
  • Relocation is definietly not easy and you need to keep your all senses in alert mode even if you hire best of P&M for the task. Though hiring a good P&M helps a lot and removes lot of burden.