How does someone go into real estate investing? Are there any good books about it that offer real guidance? My friend at aquabot is very ignorant about real estate but wants to join this booming industry,Any help is appreciated.
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  • On RE investing

    Broadly, investing in real estate depends upon factors like availability of capital, time horizon and one's capacity to bear inherent risks involved in the instrument. So, it is more about an investor's profile !!!

    As far as fundamentals are concerned, your friend can comfortably refer to real estate websites on the internet using search engines.
  • Be resourceful


    Being resourceful is needed. Be very informative. Other thing is to be familiar with timing the market cycle. You know, when it comes to things like timing the real estate market and when is the best time to invest, everyone has an opinion about real estate investing. The problem is, is just someones 2 cents based on who knows what. The key to not getting creamed when you venture into a real estate investment is to have good information that is based on facts. that is, analysis coming from hard data.
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    To All,

    I think that really4577 is right that to be the best at real estate one has the knowledge of market and he should update on day to day basis.

    In addition, Being resourceful and be very informative are vital things for real estate. But, I think that as you spend more and more time for a field and works hard, you can be the expert at whichever field.

    So, works hard and spend more time for your field, you will get the success.:)
  • Firstly, If any person wants to invest in real estate level. We should go to search on the different-2 real estate web portals for the queries from the real estate personss as per rate wise of the circle of the particular ward which can give and suggest with the full details regarding that the particular property.