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Magazine - Jaaydaad


Magazine - Jaaydaad

Last updated: April 9 2018
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  • Magazine - Jaaydaad

    Magazine - Jaaydaad

    This real estate magazine is launched by the online portal group in September 2006. The magazine has been been presented by the group with the vision of playing a serious role in the real estate market of India. In the fast moving real estate market of India, its too early to predict its influence on its readers and time will speak for itself.....
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    Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad



    One more magazine to look out for. But I wonder, if magazines can influence your buying or selling decisions....

    Anyone there?


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      Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad

      Needs Discussion....

      You have struck the right chord Rex. I think your question

      But I wonder, if magazines can influence your buying or selling decisions....
      needs discussion. How about a new thread friend?

      This is dedicated to you...


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        Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad

        New on the block....

        Got to have a look of the magazine in my friend's house. Being an avid reader I was amused but

        the look of the magazine first of all is not impressive. It reminded me of my school magazine. Also, the presentation of the topics was very confusing I believe.....
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          Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad

          Creating brand?

          Jaaydaad's foray into publication of a magazine is an encouraging step for creating awareness amongst those contemplating property investments in India.

          The group also hopes to manage creating a brand with the magazine.


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            Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad

            better call it 'a construction magazine'

            Had a chance to go through the magazine but I was really disappointed....

            Firstly, the price of the magazine is quite exhorbiant.

            Secondly, the magazine specified to facilitating investors (like me) do not give the value for money. It did not at all help me in any way for my queries regarding investment.

            what has the investor to do with the steel, cement and stone business in India? It can better be called a construction magazine....


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              Re : Magazine - Jaaydaad

              That must have been a good magazine I guess! Well, what I heard about the company around 2014 was that employees were not being paid salaries and other such issues with their way of working. Also, their official site is offline so that gives us all the wrong impressions. Anybody who knows what they are up to now?


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