Real estate magazines - how influential?

This thread has originated as a fragment of the user's mind that - Can a real estate magazine actually influence the buying or selling decision of an investor.

In times when magazines are a part of the money making machine, mostly launched by real estate groups - in the larger interest of their associated realty business; how beneficial and judgenental are they for the interest of the common the question to be answered and discussed.
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  • Good thought.....

    Good thought....

    This is really a topic for discussion which I was looking forward to. At times when there is a magazine for every cause; and some come and go without being noticed the potential of the magazine is first of all that goes for credibility. What say....

    I personally believe that that a potential investor would spend money on real estate magazines only if it has investor-specific information.
  • Thanks.....

    Thanks Sonia. You kept your word. :)

    A magazine influencing your home buying decision.... too hard to digest.
    But I don't think a few magazines circulating for a couple of years now in India are running on losses for that long.

    However I do agree with Raj that there has to be 'food for thought' and responsible info about the real estate market to survive in the business and serve people at the same time.
  • Well, this was a good topic in the past. As for now, there has been a total change of perceptions and choices as the digital media takes over every print platform every passing day. Still, magazines and tabloids held some markets in the past and continue to do so even now.

    Talking about real estate magazines - there are few credible ones, if not none. People have slowly begun to think out of the box and take collective decisions based on first hand experiences. So while we have ample doses of advertisements publishing larger than life stories around real estate projects, the influence is limitid to a select few who have the interest or the time to access such magazines and read them.

    Magazines and newspapers have been decreased to nothing more than mouthpieces and hence have lost credibility when it comes to taking property buying decisions based on the "paid and polished content" that they promote.

    Bottom line - real estate magazines are best for B2B and the elite class and not the average buyers!