I had booked an office space with a builder, and he has now sent me the Buyer agreement. But I find many objectionable clauses in the agreement, some are listed below. But the builder is not changing the buyer agreement. So, can I seek refund of the booking amount based on the buyer agreement being objectionable ? Requesting inputs of the esteemed forum members.

    The agreement does not have any stamp Paper attached to it.
    The Building Plan is yet not sanctioned. Hence floor plan, site plan and even Specifications are subject to change.
    Possession 36 months after the execution of agreement or Building Plan approval, whichever is later.
    Agreement mentions that the Developer may carry out additions / alterations / deletions / design modifications using its sole discretion even after the Building Plans are approved. And if any additional PLC becomes applicable due to such changes, then Allottee has to pay it.
    Developer can unilaterally change the PLC, as per prevailing company policy.
    Developer may increase or decrease the area of allotted office space.
    Allottee needs prior approval of the developer to avail loan from any bank.
    Allottee needs to take prior written approval from Developer for getting interiors done.
    Developer reserves the right to change all annexures to agreement. This includes Layout, Super Area Calculations, Payment Plan, Common areas and facilities, Specifications, Floor Plan, Maintenance Agreement.
    In case of dispute, Arbitrator can be employee of the Developer and allottee should considerthis arbitrator to be impartial.
    Arbitration meeting can be anywhere.

    Requesting your expert opinion please. Thanks.
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