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International Property Conference from December 5 to 6, 2006 in Macau (China).


International Property Conference from December 5 to 6, 2006 in Macau (China).

Last updated: November 6 2006
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  • International Property Conference from December 5 to 6, 2006 in Macau (China).

    EXPO REAL ASIA, International Property Conference, takes place on 5 and 6 December 2006 in the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Center in Macau (China). Its target group are the key players in the international real-estate business. The event is a platform for networking on real-estate projects, investments and finance across sectors and international borders. The event´s participants – from Asia, the Pacific region, the US and Europe – benefit from a high-ranking conference programme focusing on current trends and innovations in the real-estate market.

    Professionals from India who will join this session:

    Mr. Ramani Sastri, President, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI)
    Mr. Sandeep Singh, Vice President, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield India
    Mr. Saurabh Chawla, Senior Vice President – Finance, DLF Group, India
    Mr. Suchinto Chatterji, Managing Director, ILF Advocates, Delhi, India

    Highlights of Conference:
    • Overview of Indian commercial property market and developments
    • The biggest Indian projects and developments and who is behind them
    • Where does India want to be in 2010
    • Opportunities for successful investments in India
    • Integrated Resorts and public facility developments

    Source:EXPO REAL Asia
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    Hi Sanjana,

    I don’t have their contact no... but you can discuss you queries here...may be, i or any other member of this forum can help you out....

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  • Sanjana
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    hi mate,

    do you have the contact details of these indian realtors going to join the meeting... I was looking forward if i can get an appointment with any of them so that i can discuss few of my queries ...

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