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The Realty Paradigm in India


The Realty Paradigm in India

Last updated: November 4 2006
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  • The Realty Paradigm in India

    Thought of sharing this interestin article on Realty Paradigm...

    Anil Behl
    The Times of India

    Real estate business, across India has achieved remarkable growth both in terms of value and aesthetics. It has also been one of the strongest contributors to the growth of national GDP; employment multiplier and in stabilising the core industries along with many hundred ancillary manufacturing units. The growth has been on account of strong market dynamics arising out of the staggering shortage of housing in each of the socio-economic segment.

    During this phase of growth numerous developers and builders have emerged as regional and national players, thereby providing sustainability to the growth pattern. Every player has been innovative to meet the market perceptions and the user aspirations. However, an interesting fact arising out of the experience of these last four years, amply demonstrates that the markets are changing faster than the property development perceptions. We are entering an era hereafter, wherein the user at the low end is equally demanding as in the high to premium end. Awareness has become contagious indeed!

    In order to consolidate and sustain the gains in the real estate business, it is paramount that, we should see emergence of greater understanding and co-operation between the developers, suppliers, contractors, product manufacturers and as well as the core industry players. Thereby, collectively becoming the stakeholders of the real estate business.

    Pre-1997, the pan-India real estate business had been mainly metro oriented, while the post-1997 has seen spurt on account of IT, retail and housing. During the last decade, we have seen immense growth in the confidence levels of both the user and the investor; thanks to the grouping of many ethical minded developers across the country. On account of this, everyone has benefited across the spectrum, including entries of many players in the market capitalisation.

    Pan-India real estate is a partial success story as we have just begun to learn discipline and mature. More than expected northward movement of prices in some cities is an area of concern to many. Let this not be taken as a reality every competitive business builds automatic checks and balances such that, it attains sustainable growth. It is important at this stage of business achievements, to lay focus on value research.
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    Re : The Realty Paradigm in India

    Nice Article...

    Hi Ramprasad,

    thanks for sharing such a nice article... the article is right to state that there are a number of realty players have come down on indian ground to play full fledged... but its not only indian realty players that have come to play, there are foreign players who are playing their role as well. After the revolutionary ammendment in the FDI policies the much awaited foreign players have jumped in to booming real estate market of india... what do you say... isn't it the fdi ammendment that have brought a sudden growth of national GDP...


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?