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Buying in Delhi NCR - Please Advise


Buying in Delhi NCR - Please Advise

Last updated: February 26 2008
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  • Buying in Delhi NCR - Please Advise

    hello all,
    I will be in delhi in few weeks. I have been doing some research online and with friends and newspapers. Some people have told me this is not the best time to buy property. I don't know why though. Can someone advise on this please?

    Second, If you think it's fair to invest now, which is going to be in a home, like a flat or land for residential investment and it wont be something where I wont be living right now but for only investmanet sake, then what is the best area in Delhi NCR region and also nearby meerut, chandigarh, ludhiana as the second choices ( only is it really is going to give me any exponential value of investment).

    Third, If i plan to buy inside Delhi, like South delhi then will that be a better investment THAN buying 2-3 different flats, plots for lesser and selling then seeling these 2-3 small investments by next 5 yrs to get exponential profits someday?

    So Basically, I want to know the best places to invest in residential right now? I heard 2010 asian games, then i heard hyderabad international airport, heard of noide airport, heard of New bombay, I dont know what to choose from. Please Advise.

    Thanks all. I will appreciate help.
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    Re : Buying in Delhi NCR - Please Advise

    Re:Buying in Delhi NCR - Please Advise

    Hi Rahul,

    I really apprecitae the pain you are taking to do a deep market research before investing.The Indian economy and the real estate sector in particular are high on its ride to prosperity.

    As India’s economic growth curve rises, real estate India has emerged as one of the most appealing investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors. Indian real estate has huge potential demand in almost every sector, but especially commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, healthcare etc. India is one of the last few countries where there is primary demand for real estate rather than individuals trading up.

    To achieve the target returns, several funds are focusing on second-tier towns and second-tier developers.Property prices in India are rising fast, and not just in the biggest cities.Real estate boom in India is supported by its own flourishing economy on a sustainable basis.

    Here, growth of the property market is not a result of renovation and overhauling; but rapid development that witness for India riding the high growth wave. In the present day scenario, if there is any powerful investment tool that brings burgeoning financial returns, it is INDIAN REAL ESTATE!!!

    Investors should consider the parameters minutely and meticulously to find out why investing in Indian real estate now is the best viable option.
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