i am left with the first and fourth floor flat.
second and third are already booked, i am
unable to make a decision. In your opinion
which floor is good in a four floored flat.
oh, and pent house will be constructed on the top of
the fourth floor flat. please share your thoughts.

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  • my personal take....first floor...reason....less time for daily commute..:-)...
  • thanks fortune for your opinion, but i'm worried about dust and noise.

  • There is not much dust, noise, pest differences between 1st floor and 4th floor.

    You have not mentioned where is your this apartment located.

    Go to Noida section of this thread and search for similar information. The topic had been discussed there many a times. Based on the opinion, identify what resonate with you and decide accordingly.
  • My take - 4th floor. Gives you an opportunity to run up and down the stairs and stay in good shape. Also on the 4th floor, you can look down upon everyone :)
  • :) like the "look down up on" comment.

    finally, i chose to go for the first floor flat.
    considering all, i think it might not make much
    difference between 1st and 4th floor in terms
    of air, dust, pests etc. and the other main
    reason is i never have to depend on the lift.

    thanks guys for the response.