Hi All,

I am new member to the forum. I have land in chennai's promising outskirts. I had discussion with my friends on constructing a house in that land. In the discussion an intersting argument came up where by some feel that Chennai is moving more towards 'Condominium type' of living where you can have all amenities (swimming pool,gym,etc).good security, good social life as we are in apartments.
But when I construct a individual house, though I can construct to my taste its really not affordable to build with swimming pool or gym and no proper social life.
So which one is the best. I thought of selling the land and invest in some nice upscale project. Is it wise to do so.Can someone guide me pls?
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  • Hi Padma

    Hi Padma,

    It's better to have a flat with all these amenities, it's secure and hassle free.

    Thanks and R egards
    Shaalu Bedi:)
  • hi padma,
    i personally like individual houses. The reasons are :
    - u can design your own home as per your wish with garden, car parking etc.
    - u can build multi floors and get rent
    - asset appreciation will be more compared to apartments
    - more pride compared to apartment owners

    so called amenities like swimming pool, gym etc. will be catchy at initial stage. But later on u won't be using it frequently. Moreover there won't be privacy in s.p, as it will in midst of surrounded apartments.

    share your comments please...

  • Hi Padma,

    I agree with Srini with the points he mentioned in his post.
    But I also agree with yours that if you are a person who needs people around you and for security reasons, apartment is best. But your property value multifolds if its an independent house. So, it comes to this...value or money over social life, security and better living upscale type condos.

    You are better off keeping the land for few more years to fetch good money and also invest in some good upscale building with all amenities. That would be the wise move for you.

  • Didn't u guys forget to mention that, with the option of apartments, one wud need to pay the "maintenance fee" eve' month, for ever?