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Buying Agricultural land in Murbad


Buying Agricultural land in Murbad

Last updated: January 12 2008
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  • Buying Agricultural land in Murbad

    hi Mr Khan,
    check with some advocate/local land revenue authorities whether u r wife can be considered as a farmer, as a son u can be considered a farmer, case is like a farmers son who is an NRI and his wife is claiming to be a farmer on the documents provided by her father in law. It all depends whether the revenue authorities accept the above justification anyways the land documents regarding u r fathers land are to certified by an officer above the rank of tahsildar, since the certificate is outta maharastra.
    Hope this helps, keep in touch.
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    Re : Buying Agricultural land in Murbad

    Hello Mr. Vinod
    I didn't know that my fathers documents need to be certified by an officer. However, my question is can it be certified in Maharashtra or need to be certified in UP. If, it needs to be certified in UP then may be I will drop the idea of buying land. But you know when I visited the Tehsildar office in Murbad to chedk the details of the land which I am buying, I enquired with the officer about the rules of buying land. The officer informed me that if my father is farmer and holding land any where in India, then I have to produce the 7/12 of my fathers land, Ration card and in that ration card my father's name, my name and my wife's name should be mentioned. Based on this I decided to buy the land now I need to find out again.
    Information you provided is very valuable.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?