I am doing a thesis on the state of the Indian market. Can someone help me better understand what are the top pain points for a realtor in the Indian real estate industry?
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  • following are some problems faced by indian realtors-
    1) there is no law which recognises realtors in india.
    2)there is no recognised organisation which can claim it to be apex body of realtors
    3) after the deal is done and the parties default to pay brokerage then the realtors cannot claim relief under any set of law.
    4) since there is no structuring a realtor can be anyone either a corner panwala an aunt or any person, who utlises his personal contacts to earn a few bucks.
    hope this helps
  • The biggest problem that a realtor faces is in fact themselves.. Since it is an unorganised sector, the competion drives them to persue unethical means. Since there is not much capital involved, anyone and everyone wants to be a dealer, uneducated or unethical people are more involved in this trade who dont realy care who gets what as long as they make their bucks. I know several customers who have been at the recieving end of a bad deal, but the dealer or the realtor has made a fortune by duping such people who have no means to recover their losses.
  • Real Estate Market

    India Real Estate market has been seeing multi level rise in the past few years. If industry sources are to be believed, this upward graph has no sign of coming down or even lying flat for few more years to come. Now Realtors are worried about its feature that is it saturation level.
  • I think the top problem faced by Indian realtors is I think the same as the global Realtor is the global economy. People are just playing safe right now.

  • The main pain these crooked realtors will face is the regulator who will prevent them from their career of merry lawlessness