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Japan : Land of Honesty, Integrity, Grit and The Budha


Japan : Land of Honesty, Integrity, Grit and The Budha

Last updated: March 12 2012
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  • Japan : Land of Honesty, Integrity, Grit and The Budha

    It is one year since the natural calamity caused extensive damage to
    Japan. The loss was so immense that one report suggested it would take another 20 years to regain strength to stand on its feet post the catastrophe. It is like post Hiroshima.

    Yet in their signature and stoic way, the Japanese almost bounced back
    within one year even thwarting fears of a nuclear disaster which shook even countries like the USSR ( Chernobyl) down their spines. This astonished the world. Bouncing back is a debatable subject. But the fact that the nation faced the calamity with utter resilience and determination is what mattered
    at the end.

    They requested or accepted no significant help from outside. No
    financial, medical, technological or even humanitarian help. Every thing is supplied from within their system. Self sufficiency. Largely.

    How did they make this miracle happen ?

    One aspect that contributed immensely in the face of adversity of such a
    magnitude is their societal value system.

    From a very early age, Japanese kids are taught the virtues of good
    conduct - virtues of 'Discipline', 'Purpose', 'Dedication' and most important of all, 'Integrity'. Every achievement in life should be culmination of an industrious and devoted pursuit rather than through tricks and shortcuts. It is an age old, highly structured teaching methodology which contributed not
    only to the growth but to withstand and regain it's lost strength in times of adversity.

    Japanese are the only people in the world who consider it is shameful
    and below dignity to 'lie', 'cheat', 'steal' or 'harm some one' - based on Budhist and Shintoist philosophy of purity. Personal integrity is above all for a Japanese individual. There could be exceptions but one rarely finds a
    Japanese student who lies and cheats. Like we consider having a luxury
    car as status symbol in society, Japanese consider integrity a status symbol. That made all the difference at the end.
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    Re : Japan : Land of Honesty, Integrity, Grit and The Budha

    Ha ha

    This is greek and latin to most people here

    Honesty , Integrity , Industry ? lol.

    Lack of short cuts and tricks?


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?