Many tenants are unable to pay their rents and landlords have been told not to ask for or threaten for rent. The governement and the people are voicing their concerns bluntly in favour of tenants on a whole, with Delhi CM, even threatening to punish landlords seeking rents during the Coronavirus lockdown. But has it been a one sided concern? Are the genuine issues of landlords being ignored bluntly for them being 'greedy' and 'money minded'?
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  • Agree, a few landlords would have short term financial issues.

    But what's the alternative? If a tenant does not have money to pay, he simply CANNOT pay. The tenants can be kicked out on the road, where they can't find another accommodation. But, even then what will landlord gain by that? No-one else is looking for renting at this time. And it's just a short-term delay. No-one is saying the rent should be waived off. Just delayed.

    If you a better way to handle the situation, I'm pretty sure govt would be open to hearing on twitter.

  • @amancrapbox Nice topic here. And yes, a pointless banter does no good. So, coming back to the topic here.

    From the tenants and landlords that we have come across, there are two issues to be addressed:

    (1) Tenants depend on salaries to pay rents - without salaries they have no money for rents

    Provisions made by the government - rent deferred for 3 months!

    (2) Some landlords (senior citizens and others) depending on rent for everything - with tenants deferring rents - no money for 3 months

    Provisions made by the government - Your guess is as good as ours!

    Now, people can say that:

    (1) Landlords have different sources of income
    (2) Landlords must have savings

    The same can go for tenants too - They can have different sources of income and savings too. Can't they?

    So you see, it is a debate that can go on forever as long as people are unwilling to hear both sides.

    The point is that:

    (1) All the tenants who have lost their jobs or are on unpaid leaves, cannot pay the rents.
    (2) Similarly, all the landlords who are totally dependent on rents, cannot defer the rents.

    Now, people would simply discard this as a rubbish discussion because the 'tenants' are the hardowrking and genuine kind of people and the 'landlords' are the rich and money minded people that don't think about the problems of their tenants. That is the general stereotype that needs to be discarded. A calamity is a calamity for everyone in different ways.

    Things have to be balanced - if tenants can differ rents, the government should make provisions for the landlords who are totally dependent on the rents.

    Now, how would the government identify genuine landlords?
    Well, in the same manner they have identified the genuine tenants! :)

    This discussion can go on and on...... :)
  • If a landlord has a shop where he/ she is liable to pay rent, that can be delayed as well. If there's a loan, the repayment can be done later. Yes, agree, that a little extra interest is payable, that would have to be borne by the landlord which is a bit unfair, but what's the quantum? For a rent of say 30k for 3 months, is about INR 1200 @ 8%. Not unbearable for any middle class person who is getting 30k from rent. The only problem is of short term liquidity: for both tenant and landlord. i.e., the landlord lives hand to mouth and is completely dependant on rent for even basic ration, and having not savings even for basic ration for 3 months. But, as I asked, what's the other alternative? If they landlords ask them to leave, landlord themselves are not going to get another tenant anyway due to lockdown. Who else would be looking, other than those who're throw out by other similar landlords because they couldn't pay rent.

    The government doesn't identify "genuine" tenants. It doesn't mention that landlords are fithly rich, and tenants are poor and helpless. The objective is not to help only tenants and let landlords bear the cost, but it is to maintain "status quo" irrespective of financial transactions happening or not.
  • How does the government or the administration propose to tackle situations where tenants are evicted for non payment of rent, as the lockdown continues to rob many people off their slaries?