Can property agents/brokers help boost property demand in any way during the coronavirus pandemic and post it?
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  • To be frank, property agents or brokers have a lot to do to earn a good rapport in Indian real estate markets. They have a lot to change and so they can do very little to boost property demand in the current scenario. They have little to manipulate or even offer at the moment, other than 'discounts', which are highly unlikely to come from the builders' lobby around major cities, that have been expressing their inability to bring property rates down, owing to high buying rates and other expenses.
  • Yes they can boost and help RE if they stay transparent and show some honesty. Most of them will never understand the requirement and only try to sell the product which earn them maximum brokerage but not what customer is asking for.

    They hide most of the drawbacks of the location and project.

    They never tell you hidden clauses rather only interested in maturing the deal.

    If things goes on like this, no change will happen.