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How crucial are brokers to real esate growth


How crucial are brokers to real esate growth

Last updated: April 12 2008
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  • How crucial are brokers to real esate growth

    Property Brokers are the most vital link to any real esate transaction in India. In the past most of deals were facilitated by tradtional low-profile avuncular brokers who knew each and everybody in neighbourhood and had earthy wisdom to assess and understand the value and importance of a particular property on sale.
    Their role and appearance has drastically chaged of late. The traditional role of property brokers has now been taken over by slick operators who flaunt their education and lifestyle, moves in newest luxury car, depends on making best use of information technology and internet.

    He can reel off fact and figures, guide you through the zigzag of taxation jungle. His profile totally stands changed. As such while a person aspiring to purchase a piece of land can find many options and look for best bargain the process is not entirey free from hassles. A large number of cheating, selling mortaged property, inflating cost to unrealistic proporations have also become the habits of those who lack ethical standards.

    In such a scenario would it not proper to discuss the role of brokers afresh? What are the pros and cons, what are the benefits and disadvantages, what kind of machanism to put in place to avoid the problems caused by unethical practices that these so-call property consultants use?

    Moreover has not time come to regulate and monitor their acitivies and transactions? How to enusre that customer are not short-changed ? Are not all these questions crying for urgnet answers to maintain the momentum of real esate sector which is the second largest job provider in the country after agriculture?

    All esteemed members of this great site are requested to ponder over this and come up with some soloutions as well as views and opinions so that the glorious march of realty sectors continuess unhindered reinforching the faith and confidence of all involved in this.
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    Re : How crucial are brokers to real esate growth

    Real Estate Broker

    Earlier a broker was a just a tad person who did it part time or helped a friend to crack a deal. With the growth of the real estate, industry and increase in the number of players in the market the face of the real estate brokers have also changed. Today in big cities, real estate brokers are more professional. So Real estate broker are important for real estate.


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      Re : How crucial are brokers to real esate growth

      The New Age Real Estate Brokers.

      The difference between a new Age Broker & old fashioned one is that of a family doctor and a cardiologist. The family doctor knows everything about you and reasonable information about your body while a specialist will know evrything about your body but nothing about you. It is always a dilema whose advise one goes by.


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        Re : How crucial are brokers to real esate growth

        Good disscussion started

        Real Estate brokers were crucial earlier .....more than crucial i will put it as truthfull.

        Now a days ,If a transaction takes place we can see atleast 3 or 4 brokers in between.They are just using the information they have.

        Now a days these brokers/mediators are one of the main reasons for the unrealistic prices in the real estate sector.


        If we take the suburbs of our cities.....most of the poeple are unware of the operations of the real estate.
        The owner makes agreement with one mediator,later the mediator in turn sells it to buyer or he in turns make an agreement every transaction we can expect 2 levels like this and in each level the original price is hyped by atleast 25% ...and the original owner won't be aware of this price hike.

        this one of the many roles pplayed by brokers/mediators in the realestate field


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?