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Real Estate Is Always A Sellers’ Market


Real Estate Is Always A Sellers’ Market

Last updated: April 13 2012
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  • Real Estate Is Always A Sellers’ Market

    But it is true. And if this something you don’t understand, you should read on.

    Homes Are Unique
    The great thing about owning a home is knowing that it is not exactly like any other on the planet. Our homes are unique, as our individual touches make them special to us and our families. Because of this, there is no “shelf” to display them upon when it is time to sell them, and the value of the home will be based upon what similar homes can be purchased for at that specific moment in time.

    Homes Are A Necessity
    The one thing for sure is that our society has no desire to move back into caves. I am fairly confident that real estate will be a recognized commodity for the remainder of my life, and well into the future. People need a home, so there will always be some level of demand for housing. So why do some reports say “now is the time to buy” and yet others say “be cautious, this is a buyers market?”
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