Both my wife and I have ownership of two adjacent lots in TIER 2 city . We are entering into a joint development with a builder for building a residential apertment complex. Can my wife execute a power of attorney to me as agent, and can I in turn as her agent (in her absence) execute a power of attorney to the builder giving him permission to obtain permits and develop her land along with mine ?
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  • Hello Friend,
    A Power Of Attorney is a document by which you can authorize some other person to act on your behalf. A power of Attorney holder can execute Agreement on behalf of the original owner, so u can have power of attorney of u r wife and later enter into agreement with the builder but that will be Agreement for sale or development whichever suits.
    hope this helps....
  • hi

    you cannot give a power on behalf of your wife using the power she gave already
    as a power agent you cannot further delegate your power to third one