This is not an advert for starters. Just wanting to know if there are like minded individuals.

As more and more land is grabbed for making 2bhks and 3 bhks, food will become scarce in the next decade. Our children will be deprived of this basic need if we let these realty maggots continue on their spree.

So why not form an interest group, brainstorm an idea of agri production on a commercial scale at cheaper rate and make sure to earn enough to sustain and at the same time help people ?

At least we can discuss.

Primary aim is to help every one get food at the same time make it an enterprise and sustainable industry so that future generations do not have to starve and see a cow only in zoo.
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  • All good things came out of garages.. who knows.
  • I am interested and have a contact that can carry out the agriculatural know how - now question is of finding land at suitable price and legality given that I am of OCI status.
  • It's not a bad idea considering the fact that biggest land holdings in india are with groups who started as agri / forestry business. Pearls etc is an example. Land is still cheaply available in Rajasthan / MP or down south (i am not sure). Even dist Hoshiarpur in Punjab has cheap undeveloped land which can be used for planting trees etc. As far as I am aware you cant buy agri property on OCI status and can only buy residential / commercial.
  • Our family determination is disadvantaged of this essential need if we let these real estate maggots carry on their binge. It's not a awful thought bearing in mind the information so as to main land assets in India are by means of group who in progress as forestry commerce.
  • Agri Business offer

    Find an agri business to agree....
  • i also think with this view, but if we do commercialize agriculture then small land holders can not compete with the market. there would also a regulatory body who can make sure interest of small land holder.
  • It is very unprofitable on a small scale. My close friend has Orange orchards in AP, that I was planning to invest in. Makes around 2 lakhs a year with almost 20 acres of land. This may not apply to all other crops/farms. Just one case.

    I really do not have much idea about agriculture but I thought I would share this with you all.