Shaji Vikraman & Hema Ramakrishnan, Mumbai/Hyderabad, March 31, 2008
The Economic Times

The uncertainty over the tax-treatment of real estate mutual funds is set to end soon. The government will exempt from tax the income generated by mutual funds which float schemes which aim to invest mainly in the stocks of realty firms. According to a senior revenue department official, real estate MFs and other MFs that invest in shares of realty companies will be spared of paying tax on all income. The dividend income of unit holders who buy these products to reap the gains of a realty boom will also be tax-free.

Sebi-registered real estate mutual funds will be given a tax pass-through status if they invest the money raised from investors in shares of real estate companies. So will be the case for all mutual funds investing in shares of realty companies, said the official.

Securities market regulator Sebi had approved the launch of real estate mutual funds almost two years ago. But the operational guidelines or norms are yet to be unveiled. Now, with greater clarity on valuation norms and the calculation of net asset value (NAV), the regulator may soon prepare the ground for the launch of real estate MFs, an official said.

Real estate MFs are expected to be close-ended, and the units of these funds will be listed on the exchanges. Such funds invest in both listed and unlisted securities of realty firms. They offer an opportunity to investors to take an exposure to a sector which offers reasonably attractive capital gains and steady dividend income. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has not been comfortable with more investment flowing into realty given the dangers of an asset price bubble.

While real estate mutual funds will stand to gain due to favourable tax treatment, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that directly buy and sell property including apartments and shopping malls could be denied such benefits, a senior revenue department official said
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