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Supermalls amp Elite Townships in Dahisar Mumbai


Supermalls amp Elite Townships in Dahisar Mumbai

Last updated: April 9 2008
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  • Supermalls amp Elite Townships in Dahisar Mumbai

    Super malls & Super Townships in Dahisar – Impending civic problems.

    Dahisar is at present a sleepy suburb on the fringe of Mumbai, inhabited mainly by middle class and working class population. All this is about to change drastically and rapidly. M/s. DB realty is constructing a super mall of 2.5 million square feet & M/s. Lodha Builders is constructing LODHA- AQUA an exclusive township for the elite. Both these projects are going to exert a tremendous pressure on the existing meager civic infrastructure in the area and civic authorities have overlooked the problems it will create for the residents of this area.

    M/s. DB Realty’s mall ORCHID OZONE will have a five star hotel with 150 rooms, 20 multiplex cinema theatres, and 50 restaurants along with many big retailers like Shopper stop. Apart from this many small & medium sized shops will be leased to premium brand retailers. M/s. Lodha Builders LODHA – AQUA will have 11 fourteen story towers along with facilities like Club, Cricket pavilion, Swimming pool. Have the civic authorities considered following problems while giving clearance to these projects.
    • Water: How much is the projected water requirements of these projects & how they will be met? Will the water for Dahisar residents be diverted to these projects?
    • Power: What is the power requirement of these projects & how it will be met?
    • Traffic: The area will witness phenomenal growth in traffic. How it will be handled? Even today the traffic situation in the area is horrible.
    • What is the disaster management plan for these projects?
    • What cultural impact the projects will have since they are superimposing exclusive lifestyle on a poor neighborhood.
    • Will these projects lead to increase in crime in the area? What law & order measures are contemplated?

    In the interest of residents of Dahisar residents the authorities must ponder on these issues and provide answers to above questions. The NGOs working in this area can also take up cudgels and deliver justice to hapless residents of Dahisar who are being bulldozed by a nexus of big builders and complacent authorities.

    Uttam Chidgopkar
    Last edited April 10 2008, 06:45 PM.
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