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Why rates are not falling - what can we do?


Why rates are not falling - what can we do?

Last updated: April 11 2008
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  • Why rates are not falling - what can we do?

    There is a nice post by Ram

    I think its quite transparent that there are not many property deals happening.

    If you open any property website also where property's are put up for sale like ****************, you will find the same properties listed everyday.
    I am checking the property ads daily and find most of the properties ads repeating everyday.

    So sales are not happening but the property rates need to come down.

    I see that this is a good site for us to discuss our property views and griefs but there are many who just read the posts and never reply.

    I am really affected by this hike and not able to buy a house since last 2.5 years and I think there are many more with me who are visiting this site.

    If you are also one then please post your comments also.
    As said in my last post the culprits are
    - Builders
    - Estate Agents
    - Sellers asking black money
    - Buyers/Investors who give black money
    - We for not raising our voice

    I think the best thing is to meet.

    I request all genuine buyers who are affected with this foolish, Fraud, ever-demanding, Shameless and worthless culprits, to come forward

    Please take it seriously its time now......
    - take a step forward
    - speak up
    - open your mouth
    - reply rapidly
    - dont just keep reading

    The sellers and builders are not in a majority. We are.

    When will you buy?

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