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We have been discussing about the price hikes since quite a long time and about no action from the government on black money demands from the sellers and builders.

Check out this ad link which demands OPEN BLACK MONEY.!PROPERTYID~1978421!/Mumbai_-_Western_Suburbs,_Malad_West/1_BHK_620_Sq-ft_Multistorey_Apartment_for_Sale/1978421.html

    I am surprised how the police has taken no action yet. Is the government blind......
    This is one of the clear cause of hike in property.
    Who will stop this and bring down the rates.
    When will the middle class buy a houseFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

    SanjayFriends please raise your voice

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  • Really surprised to see no response for this post.
  • Govt ???

    Terms & Conditions:- Negotiable. With 60-40 ratio of black and white, quick deal .

    They are more int in Power. They also run business in this same real estate.
  • These are mere listing sites and don't bother who posts what! And all of us know how the B/W nexus works. You think the govt. cares? Nah! As long as they find a new way on how to fleece money from the public, they are not interested to fix things. Real Estate is controlled by the Politicians who fund most of the projects and then someone is given the charge to take care of that money. SO MY FRIENDS THERE IS NO POINT TO CRIB BUT HELPLESSLY STAY AWAY. ONLY A REVOLUTION CAN SAVE INDIA!
  • is there anyone who can suggest,
    What action can we as individuals take to stop this.
    Serious replies please.
    You can report the person to the IT Dept. whereupon you (the informant) will get part of the seized tax/penalty. Come to think of it, it's a profitable proposition when you meet these scums day in day out.
  • Here's the contact info:

    STD CODE:022
    R. C. Verma,Additional Director General91-22-2664323M. C. Thakur, Joint Director91-22-2663975S. K. Sawhney, Joint Director91-22-2631810Anand Singh, Deputy Director91-22-2632116BB. Anand Kumar, Deeputy Director91-22-2632117M. A. Damodaran, Assistant Director91-22-2632119
  • I also mean to say that What can we do ourselves unitedly and immediately
    - to stop property price hike
    - to stop black money demands
    - to stop estate agent politics
    - to stop unpractical purchases
  • Who all are ready for Dharna. People who talk about their grievences pls come forward and given ur view.
  • Politicians are "Hand in Glove" with Developers

    We all are aware of this fact that Politicians work hand in hand with real estate deveopers. They route all their BLACK money through the developer in different projects. They would not like the real estate market to be transparent and move towards "all white" transactions.
    This is the reason the Goverenment is not serious about professionalising the real estate industry.
  • Originally Posted by onthegrass
    Really surprised to see no response for this post.


    There was time (in our lifetime) when Personal Income Tax was as high as 97% in the top slab. Response? Black Money. It took a lot of cajoling and trust-building over decades to bring it out into the open.

    Nobody likes to be relieved of his/her hard-earned money - especially when its the powers-that-be that does it and spends it with wild abandon. OPM is a dangerous drug which can give even the most powerful a high! :)

    Today, our Finance Minister is bringing this VERY HIGH RATE in through the backdoor. Every conceivable thing (and a few things I hadn't conceived of) is being taxed to death. And NOT A PEEP from anyone? Don't we have any MEN anymore?! :)

    Why are you surprised Black Money is growing? Its now becoming such a big bulge under the rug that it prompted the FM to issue a public warning!!!
    The gall of that party which finds no moral wrong in "giving away" that money to our needy farmers while turning a blind-eye to the Trader and our Corporates who are robbing that very farmer blind.

    Especially galling is the fact that its our very own representatives who probably have the maximum percentage of money of the dark kind - refer you to the number of MPs who have NOT checked in their assets in writing and the ping-pong game between the FM and PMO when an RTI petition was submitted to unearth this.

    Now you know why no response to your post. Its really a non-issue. And if you think graft is only in developing countries, the mother-of-all-graft is happening in no less a place than the good ol' US of A.

    After all, its they who gave us Enron and now Bear Stearns and the bigger ones to come :).

    If you ask the system, they'll say, "Just make sure you are not caught, thats all" :)