One persons loss is another persons gain.

If you have any property for sale, sell it now. Dont be greedy. Else you are in for a big loss.

Dont buy property now. Wait for 6 months. If things are going down, wait another 6 months. The property rates are going to crash.

Here are the reasons:
1.) Builder/Politician nexus has caused the hype.
2.) The prices of real estate has increased by 3-5 times.
3.) Supply is more than demand for such premium prices properties.
4.) Salaries/Cost of material/Labour has not increased in the same ratio.
5.) There has hardly any improvement in infrastructure.
6.) No value added. Same traffic jams and trash once you get outside the community.
7.) Interest rates have gone up. Monthly instalments are becoming impossible for even profesionals. Not everyone is IT-Project leader.
8.) Stockmarkets have collapsed. DLF stocks has gone down significantly.
9.) There is liquidity crunch. FIIs have taken the money out to compensate for their losses in US due to sub-prime crisis.
10.) If you buy a property now, be prepared to stay in it for 5-10 years. You will be lucky if you can find a tenant who can pay 75% of your monthly mortgage. So you will loose 25% every month on interest costs and even more if the property prices go further down!
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